Will They Ever Learn? Liberal Media Bias Rings Out This Campaign Season

Instances of left-wing media bias have been piling up one upon the other as the nation gets closer to Election Day, giving Trump’s followers the best reason to continue supporting their candidate.

Sadly, we don’t have to go back more than a few days to see multiple examples of major left-wing bias in the “news.”

A few days ago, for instance, several media outlets used the famous “some say” tactic to make a fact seem like a false “claim.”

On August 27, Donald Trump noted at a campaign rally that Hillary Clinton had claimed that a long time member of the Ku Klux Klan was her “mentor.”

The truth is well known to political wonks. Hillary’s “mentor,” now deceased West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, was once a proud member of domestic terrorist group the Ku Klux Klan. And he was not just a member, either, but a leader in the hate group. Despite this history, when Hillary was first elected to the U.S. Senate, Byrd became her close associate and mentor.

Even as liberal a source as Wikipedia informs users that Byrd was a key member of the Klan in Sophia, West Virginia.

So what Trump said at his rally is, indeed, a fact. There is no doubt about this. We have proof from Hillary’s own mouth. When Senator Byrd died Hillary said in a video celebrating the deceased Senator’s life’s work that when she first became a Senator, Byrd was her “mentor.” That was her own word: mentor.

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But both CNN and the Washington-based newspaper, The Hill, reported Trump’s speech as if he was just peddling false campaign “claims.”

Notice how both news outlets used the word “claim” to characterize Trump’s factual statements? Both news outlets shaded the news of Trump’s rally as if he were “spreading” a mere blustery, maybe even false, campaign stump “claim.”

For consumers of the news, and for those who don’t know the facts of the matter, the news media’s coverage of Trump’s campaign speech would easily make them imagine Trump lied.

But he simply didn’t.

In another incident, firebrand conservative author Ann Coulter found herself inviting an Uber driver to her Washington D.C. book party because of the outrageous media bias she and the driver heard on their way to the event.

Coulter was in the Uber car when the driver turned on CNN and was treated to a harangue about how “racist” Breitbart News is. As it happened, the driver was taking the “In Trump We Trust” writer to a book party being hosted by the Breitbart News organization that they just heard was so racist. So Coulter invited the driver into the party to “see how racist” (not) the Breitbart folks were.

In yet another incident, CNN sister station HLN felt it necessary to blur out a Donald Trump T-Shirt of a man they were interviewing.

The network was interviewing a man from New Jersey who was in the news for helping to save the life of a baby left in a hot car. But as HLN interviewed Eckel Malone the producers decided on a curious course of action. Throughout the interview the image on the man’s T-Shirt was mysteriously blurred. That is because Malone was wearing a Trump campaign shirt.

I guess we can’t have the delicate sensibilities of HLN viewers so thoroughly provoked by showing a man wearing a Trump shit.

And all these incidents were only in the last five days! We can find dozens more if we go back a week, two weeks, or months.

It’s no wonder that CNN has recently fallen to third place in the cable news ratings race — even behind admittedly biased and far left-wing MSNBC!

Long attacked for its left-wing bias with many saying it is so sold out to the Clintons that they’ve dubbed it the “Clinton News Network,” CNN has usually at least placed second to Fox News, sometimes even beating their more conservative competitor. But since Jeff Zucker took control of CNN in 2013 its decline has been precipitous.

These days the network’s ratings are dismal and the level of trust people have in its coverage is even worse. Certainly Republicans feel the network is biased. A recent poll found that 75.8 percent of center right viewers felt CNN’s coverage was biased. Unfortunately for CNN, the much desired independents also felt that the network was not objective (55.3 percent). But maybe even more shocking, only 49.8 percent of Democrats felt the network did a good job. CNN can’t even win convincingly with its own side of the aisle.

CNN isn’t the only news source in which Americans have little faith. According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans’ trust in the media is at historic lows.

According to the poll, only 40 percent of respondents had a general trust in the mass media. That has fallen from 55 percent in 1999.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like the media is getting the message that they aren’t trusted by many Americans. As the debates for the presidential election near, the liberal media is doing what the liberal media always does for debates by suggesting only some of its most biased members to be “moderators.”

For instance, it is being suggested that NBC “Today” show host Matt Lauer would be an ideal moderator for the NBC News “Commander-in-Chief Forum.” But even as his name was floated as the perfect “moderator” for this debate, NBC made no mention/a> of the fact that he was actually a participating member of the Clinton’s pseudo charity, the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.

How Lauer can be an active impartial moderator when he was a member of Hillary’s own so-called charity is anyone’s guess.

Naturally, folks on Twitter were aghast at the announcement.

So, the liberal media continues on its left-wing, fully biased path and perhaps to its own demise as fewer and fewer people trust them.

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