Who Will Defend NC in Voter Id Appeal?

There is a clear divide in our nation. There are those who do not care about doing what is right and are only concerned about politics. The reason is that everything is so politically charged. Few things that are done in our country (and the is actually a small amount by itself) is not politicized.

Once again, North Carolina is facing off with the Federal government.  As I reported, a federal court ruled that NC voters Id law was racially motivated and discriminatory. And immediately the state said that it would appeal this decision. But now the State District Attorney Roy Cooper is refusing to defend the state.

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The Charlotte Observer reports

North Carolina will appeal last week’s ruling by three federal judges that overturned voter photo identification and other elections law changes without help from its attorney general.

Attorney General Roy Cooper on Tuesday said the state tried its best to defend against the lawsuit but lost. Outside counsel already involved in the case can handle an appeal, he said.

Once again, the challenger for Governor is refusing to represent the legal will of the people. It is his job to defend the state in such cases. There is a time that we should put our feelings aside and do our jobs to the best of our ability. Roy Cooper has consistently chosen not to do that part of his job.

The decision to not take part in the appeal by Cooper has nothing to do with religious beliefs. He is not refusing because he feels it would be morally wrong for him to support these laws, but that he politically agrees with the court’s decision.

So much for protecting against voter fraud.

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