Will Charlottesville Chaos Repeat This Weekend?

One of the darkest moments in our recent American history occurred nearly a year ago in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The chaos was deafening, and more than a little sobering.  Amid a protest wrapped in layers of counter-protest, a young woman named Heather Heyer was killed by a man driving a car into a crowd that had gathered.  The aftermath of the incident was extraordinary and nigh unprecedented in American history.  The nation would soon be at each others’ throats, with the liberal left leaning on the mainstream media in order to push a new sort of “free” speech on the masses.

A year later, as the city of Charlottesville begins to look back at these transformative 50-some weeks, we wonder if the entire debacle won’t simply unfold again, before the horrified eyes of America?

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That’s something that authorities are hoping to get out ahead of.

Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency Wednesday prior to the one-year anniversary of the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

The announcement comes as another “Unite the Right” rally is planned for Sunday in Washington, D.C. However, there are also events planned in Charlottesville, where the deadly protest occurred in August 2017. Northam believes declaring a state of emergency before the anniversary will keep people safe and prevent violence.

Of course, the legacy media has not been of much help in squelching the screeching of the liberal left on the matter, with their latest nonsensical declaration being that a “New Civil War” has either begun, or is simply moments away.


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