Will Another 9/11 Sized Attack Guarantee a Trump Presidency?

This is the 4th terror attack in Germany in just 1 week. 2 Syrians, one Afghan and one dual German-Iranian citizen.  Here’s what recently happened in Germany.

A gunman went on a rampage Friday in a busy shopping area of Munich, killing nine people and wounding 21 others in an act of “suspected terrorism” before he committed suicide, police said early Saturday.

The attack prompted authorities to lock down much of the southern German city and launch a massive manhunt. After the search ended, police said that the suspected gunman was an 18-year-old with dual German and Iranian citizenship who had been living in the city.

We are seeing Terrorist attacks continue around the globe. They are becoming more and more commonplace.  Like birth pangs, they are becoming more and more frequent.  Hillary Clinton is not as idea-logically leftist as Obama. Obama continues to double down on claiming that these easily connected jihadists acts are not acts of terror. Obama continues to refuse to call radical Islamic terrorism for what it is.  Hillary won’t double down and play that game. Hillary understands that the public will rise against her if she chooses to behave like Obama when it comes to terrorism. Hillary will continue to call out Terrorism. She doesn’t want Trump eating her lunch on this.

The big story is this. We continue to see Terrorist attacks around the globe.  Some of the most bone chilling footage of the terrorist attacks in Paris. The terrorist attacks in Orlando. Now we see it in Germany. It gets worse and worse and worse.  We continue to see political correctness take hold in Europe while they try to hide the radical Islamic connections.

If we see another 9/11 like attack in America, you will see a huge pull towards Donald Trump.  All the “never Trump” people won’t matter. All the polls showing Trump behind with Latinos will instantly change over night.  Hillary Clinton can continue to call terrorism out and separate herself from Barack Obama, but in the end it won’t matter.  People will easily draw the connection that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy brought on this attack.  The endless parade of denying radical Islamic terrorism will be exposed and people will be afraid.  Hillary’s numbers will drop — and drop fast — if this happens. Conservatives who currently oppose Trump also have admitted that if there’s another 9/11 level attack you will see a shift towards Trump. The electorate will rightly identify and make the connection that liberal foreign policy and political correctness are responsible for this tragedy, and they will gravitate towards the first person that comes to their mind who has come out against political correctness.  They will  draw the connection to the dangers of political correctness in dealing with radical Islamic Terrorism and choose Trump. While I never hope for a terrorist attack to make conditions favorable for any candidate, the facts are the facts.

And the fact is, that a major terrorist attack against the United States creates the perfect conditions for Trump winning the White House.

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