Will American Christianity Survive it’s Slide Towards Moral Irrelevance?

Feckless and weak. That’s today’s American Christianity.

American Christianity is in bigger trouble then people are lead to believe. My dad shared with me a meme that hit me hard recently.  He posted a quote from Willam Booth from over 100 years ago. “I consider that the chief dangers that confront coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness with repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, heaven without Hell.” Go no further to Facebook and you will see exactly what William  Booth is talking about. You will find professed Christians who are not familiar with the holiness of God. The need for Repentance is not in their vocabulary. A basic understanding of sin is non-existent. The “nicer then God” easy belief-ism has made them comfortable and fat.

God is love but he’s also Holy and calls us to be Holy and be salt in a dark world.  Will the new generation of American Christianity ever recognize this?

The average Evangelical American Christian doesn’t want to talk about God’s judgement.  They think the Holy Spirit can do all the convicting and rebuking for them and they don’t have a role in the process. They are just called to be loving, in their mind. The problem is that when Christians refuse to embrace and recognize God’s Holiness, they don’t provide real answers to people who are searching for truth.  Today’s American culture is loud, combative with a lot of noise. The American culture will pay attention to boldness. They will listen to the Certainty of the hope that is in you.  Christians who are unwavering in their belief they will acknowledge.  A belief that’s grounded in the truth of scripture. Christians who are not afraid to call out sin. Christians who are not afraid to speak truth to darkness.  The nicer than God approach has been tried and has been found wanting.  Easy belief-ism Christianity has failed. The prosperity Gospel and positive thinking Christianity has been tried and has failed. If American Christianity is to survive, we must stand boldly and un-apologetically on God’s word. We must know God’s word and we must live out God’s word.

Fear, Shame and self loathing prohibit American Christianity to flourish.

American Christianity is filled with people who “dare not judge”.  They refuse to discuss the holiness of God. They dare not talk about sin and repentance. They are so afraid to speak up in fear of what people think of them. They have allowed the pagan environment to pollute their thinking. Do they even know the Word of God? Do they even recognize that the Word of God is a two edged sword that they have the ability to wield.  It’s gone from hate the sin but love the sinner, to ignore the sin and let the sinner have a pass. They crucified Christ for what they believe. When the day of persecution comes, will they have the ability to stand, or will they cave into the pressure of the pagan culture because they have lost their ability to stand?

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