Wikipedia Edited From Within House Of Representatives To Make Trump Example Of ‘Obstruction Of Justice’

By J.E. Dyer

If you don’t like the emerging narrative, rewrite it.

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Someone editing from an IP address in the U.S. House of Representatives appeared to be operating on that principle on Thursday, 8 June, during James Comey’s testimony to the U.S. Senate.  As noted by objective observers, Comey’s testimony made it clear that President Trump did not attempt to obstruct justice in any way, in the matters of the “Russia-election” investigation or the fishing expedition against Michael Flynn.

This was not what Trump’s opponents were expecting to hear.

At 10:01 AM (EDT) on Thursday (15:01, Greenwich Mean Time (Daylight)), someone online via an IP address used by the House of Representatives edited Wikipedia’s page on the topic “Obstruction of Justice.”  The single edit made:  addition of the name “Donald Trump” to the page’s list of notable examples of high-profile individuals investigated for or convicted of obstruction of justice.

Another tweep reported 27 minutes later that the entry had been changed to read “Donny Tromps.”

The entry was removed in a new edit four hours later.  The removal was done by an “autoconfirmed registered Wikipedia user,” who excised the “Donald Trump” reference and then placed the page under administrative protection against vandalism, a procedure effective until 15 June, according to the entry.

But the record of the edit remains, in Wikipedia’s history of page revisions…


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