WikiLeaks’s Source ‘From Within Official Circles in D.C.’…NOT Moscow!

Not only has the FBI itself not seen any link between Russia and Donald Trump, but another insider has come forward to point out that there’s no link between Russia and WikiLeaks.

According to this insider, WikiLeaks’s source is not someone from Russia, but an official from Washington, D.C.

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This information comes from an interview between Sputnik News and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.

“The source of these emails and leaks has nothing to do with Russia at all. I discovered what the source was when I attended the Sam Adam’s whistleblower award in Washington,” Murray said. “The source of these emails comes from within official circles in Washington DC. You should look to Washington not to Moscow.”

In addition, Murray said that WikiLeaks has never colluded with Russia on anything:

“WikiLeaks has never published any material received from the Russian government or from any proxy of the Russian government. It’s simply a completely untrue claim designed to divert attention from the content of the material.”

No one in official circles has provided any evidence of this supposed Russian connection with Trump and WikiLeaks. Even the FBI’s own investigation turned up nothing.

It seems the only people who are claiming that Trump is an “unwitting agent of Putin” and is secretly colluding with Russia – who’s allegedly supplying Assange with “hacked” emails – are Hillary and her supporters.

And if Trump wins, you can bet Hillary’s campaign will blame it on Russia. They’ll claim that Putin himself rigged our election.


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