Wikileaks News Showing Media Helping Hillary Is No Surprise

The latest Wikileaks news just reinforces the obvious.

It certainly helps Trump, but it should be no surprise. We knew this all along. Thankfully, Wikileaks news is shining the light of truth in the darkness. Consequently, the cockroaches are running for cover too. It sure is satisfying to see Donna Brazile caught in a huge lie  with Megyn Kelly.

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You can’t blame Trump for accusing democrats for rigging the election. The level of media coordination helping Hillary is amazing.

The latest wikileaks news show a gun control plant asking questions in the Manchester New Hampshire town hall that Clinton put there.

This is coordinated. The Marxist media gobbles up and regurgitates neat little soundbites for the lemmings.

In the email thread, dated October 4, 2015, a “speech draft” was passed around “on behalf of Megan Rooney.” The email contained “talking points” for Clinton to use to discuss guns in Manchester.

The first part of the email reminded other campaign staffers that the town hall had no specific focus, although gun control would be highlighted:

Here are short TPs about guns for the NH community college town hall >>> tomorrow. This is not a town hall exclusively about gun violence — it’s just a >>> regular town hall.

The email then turned, reminding everyone that there would be gun control plants at the town hall; that those plants would be from various gun control groups:

But the person who will introduce [Clinton] will tell a story >>> about gun violence in her life, and there will be people in the audience >>> from gun violence orgs.

In epic fashion, Wikileaks news fully exposed this to the light of the day.

If Trump plays this right, he can use it to his advantage. In addition, a Republican congress can also use their resources to go after Hillary on this. The Democrats have been caught in huge lies. These lies need to be not only exposed but investigated and prosecuted. Who will be the ones to do it? Now that the obvious has been exposed, it’s up to Republicans to capitalize on it and continue to expose it.

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