Why the Ted Cruz Anti-Hillary Ad Is Brilliant! Watch It!

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore, Wiki Commons

At first, the [score]Ted Cruz[/score] anti-Hillary ad might have some people wondering why he did it. After all, Cruz isn’t running against Clinton in the primary.

True, Cruz isn’t running against Hillary Clinton. But this was a smart move.

First of all, when you are running against other Republicans, you run the risk of alienating their voters when you attack their guy. It’s not like Trump or Rubio supporters are likely, when someone says something true and negative about their hero, to thank Cruz for showing them why they are wrong. That’s not human nature.

Running down Hillary Clinton, however, gives Cruz instant solidarity with Republicans and Independents of all kinds. As they appreciate the video, they might think more positively about Cruz.

Secondly, spoofing a rap song, Ted Cruz is showing the brash bold attitude that allegedly is part of Trump’s reputation with his followers.

Thirdly, he is planting the idea that he is the candidate to beat Hillary Clinton in a general election—a point that has been confirmed by recent polling.

Fourth, he is striking an issue when it is hot. It is always possible that charges will not be filed against Hillary, and the media will bury the story if she gets the nomination. That may not seem possible, but nothing is impossible in politics.

Finally, Cruz might think it would be easier to run against Bernie Sanders than Clinton. So running an ad that might give Sanders an assist may be a wise strategy.

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