Why The Increase in Gun and Truck Mass Murders?

We are seeing a regular increase in gun and truck mass murders. Well it’s not really an increase because these things never used to happen. What has changed?

Obviously, no one in their right mind or a right heart would do such a thing, no matter what their nationality, race or religious persuasion. So then the question becomes, WHY are so many people not in a right mind or heart?

It has to be recognized that these mass murders are at the extreme end of mentally and emotionally disturbed behavior. That means that there are many people in between sanity and this extreme end who are experiencing angst. This is the real issue that should be investigated by those in charge, not eliminating guns and trucks, which have been around during the decades where these kinds of actions didn’t occur.

So then why aren’t those in charge seeing and investigating this angle? For liberals it means invading Political Correctness and, for example, a desire to eliminate guns. But then what’s next … eliminate trucks? Not a real solution. For conservatives it is dismissed as “mental illness.” The Political Correctness argument is invalidated by the fact that guns, trucks and knives were around when these mass murder incidents weren’t a problem. Then conservative evaluation should lead to the question: WHY is there so much mental illness? Here’s the answer to that.

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Mental and emotional disturbance is energized by dysfunction going on in the person. And that dysfunction has two root causes that are tied to a person’s most basic nature: inner peace and romance/family. Regarding romance, this has been completely perverted by the fact that the culture considers sex outside of marriage an acceptable thing by the culture and entertainment industries. Of course then this perverted approach to sex has to do battle with nature itself, through condoms, the pill, abortions, STD’s and often leading to broken hearts (a strong contributor to mental and emotional illness). The inner peace dysfunction and agitation is due to attempts to modify our basic nature and functioning through “politically correct” pressures to accept unnatural ways of being. Then those who live out these unnatural ways have to experience the angst and mental and emotional illness that comes along with those behaviors. It may not be “cool” to be a virgin and reserve sex for marriage, but it is in total harmony with nature. And nature and its Creator will then bless a person’s heart with peace and drive them to marriage.

So that leads us to the real root of the problem: the mainstream culture no longer revering our Creator and the perfect designs that He’s made (which are spelled out in the Bible). The politically correct don’t care about the effects that their edicts cause on people, they just care about pushing their rebellion (which really emanates out of their lack of peace).

So now we, and many victims, must suffer because of their internal disorder. If you want to see proof of what I’m saying here, go to www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com and www.ConclusiveProofOfGod.com and www.LighthouseBooksAndMusic.com.

Dennis Marcellino

Dennis’s purpose is to show that the culture is very off in many ways and people are suffering as a result … whereas the Bible is provably the perfect standard for truth and solving the problems in the culture and individual lives. He is available for interview. His media kit can be seen at http://www.theoptimumpoliticalsolutions.com/mediakit.html and Dennis's books and DVDs can be found at www.LighthouseBooksAndMusic.com.

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