What is Donald Trump Waiting For?

People are beginning to wonder what is Donald Trump waiting for.

Some interpret recent news as Donald Trump waiting for some opportune moment. Others wonder if he has given up.

Economist Mike Shedlock (“Mish”) even mentions the unthinkable—that Donald Trump may be throwing the race:

I did not think this self-imposed destruction would happen, but it was a possibility all along. It is conceivable Trump still wins, but his ego has done enormous damage to his campaign.

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Trump could have won easily. Now, it’s a mammoth uphill battle.

But is it really an uphill battle?

According to Scott Adams, Trump could win easily.

However, Adams told Breitbart News he thinks that Trump can still pull off a “landslide” victory in November.

“I think he’s invested in winning. And I think his core personality is likely to re-emerge, which is ‘win at all costs,’ and I think that whatever that takes is likely.”

As evidence, he pointed to Trump’s “softening” of certain policies — such as shifting his immigration policy away from a temporary ban on Muslims to a ban on people from countries with links to terrorism.

That shift, Adams said, is less important for its precise details, and more for its persuasive effect in showing Trump is not as scary as the Clinton campaign suggests.

“The election has come down to nothing but persuasion,” Adams said, referring to the art of using words to change people’s behavior — an art Adams learned through his own training in hypnosis.

I don’t think Trump is planning to lose. Adams’ appeal to Donald Trump’s “core personality” is persuasive to me.

But there are a couple of other reasons.

First of all, Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday that Trump hasn’t spent his money yet. This indicates to me that he is planning something big.

Second, Trump has got to realize that he has earned himself major hostility from elites worldwide. Just as Hillary is legally untouchable for all her corruption, Trump will be vulnerable to all sorts of persecution. Ilana Mercer gives us a hint of what Trump is facing by telling us why he won’t show the media his tax returns.

The coda to every article written by the presstitutes exalting Hillary’s “heroic” tax disclosure asserts that, “By not releasing [his taxes] during the campaign, [Trump] is breaking with a 40-year bipartisan tradition of transparency expected of presidential nominees,” and that “there is nothing to prevent Trump from doing the same during an audit.”

Oh yes there is.

Clinton will never be perp-walked for flouting state secrecy laws, much less audited, or, conversely, criminalized in the course of an audit by the IRS. Were he merely to be accused of tax violations; Mr. Trump is certain to be destroyed by both political factions.

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty,” forewarned Thomas Jefferson. When it comes to the IRS, Jefferson’s bar has been met. Trump needs to be very afraid.

If Trump doesn’t win the presidency he will be facing that for the rest of his life.

So I don’t think Trump has any choice but to try to become president.

And I don’t find this analysis very credible:

Trump is like a teenager who won’t put down his phone? I don’t understand Trump’s strategy but I’m going to give the winner of the GOP primary more credit than that.

I don’t know what keeps Donald Trump waiting, but I suspect he has a plan.

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