WHO’S YOUR DADDY: CNN Gets Scolded By Papa Ted

Yes, it is absolutely true that the mainstream media has been a divisive topic in our nation over the course of the last few years.  Now, however, one of the godfathers of the movement is having his say on the matter.

CNN is the most simple example to cite, being that they were the premiere 24 hour cable news network, and, to this day, are certainly leaning farther to the left than almost anyone else.  In fact, during last night’s coverage of this Kavanaugh catastrophe, Chris Cuomo even had the audacity to suggest that Kavanaugh’s own admission of being a virgin and a hard studier had “painted him into a corner”, and that it would be legally indefensible to maintain the charade.

Cuomo then went here:

This sort of hard-hitting “journalism” has riled even the eccentric Ted Turner, the man responsible for siring CNN itself and bringing 24 hour news to life.

CNN founder Ted Turner still occasionally watches the network he started nearly four decades ago, although he thinks it’s a little heavy on politics.

Turner said in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” that airs this weekend that he’d prefer his old network had a more balanced agenda, “but that’s just one man’s opinion.”

Again, we see the decorum of the political system in America completely falling apart, in a possibly purposeful act.

You see, if the left can convince us all that we’re living in Crazy-town, then maybe some of their nonsensical narratives will begin to make sense.  If CNN is “objective”, then the goalposts for propaganda move further to the middle, away from the conservative right.

Remember folks, CNN is unfortunately the benchmark for many Americans as far as neutrality goes.  When they move the needle, the entire gauge has to be redrawn.

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