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Whoa. Lou Dobbs Calls on Paul Ryan to Resign

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Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs has not been a fan of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) for some time now, probably since back during the campaign when Ryan refused to board the Trump train. However, Dobbs’ passionate stand against Ryan has recently found a whole new level of disgust as the Speaker continues to falter in his efforts to pass conservative legislation, and he still seems unable to bring himself to support the President. Perhaps if Ryan were doing one or the other of these things, Dobbs could stomach having him as the leader of House Republicans… but Ryan’s inability to do either has left Dobbs without recourse, and the Fox News personality is now calling for Ryan’s head.

Dobbs started by suggest Ryan should resign after audio leaked of the Republican arguing that he would never support Trump.

But over the course of a few hours Dobbs moved from calling for Ryan to resign, to demanding that the GOP remove him from his role as Speakership if he refuses to resign.

“I believe Ryan’s achieved next to nothing since becoming Speaker a year and a half ago. He had achieved next to nothing in his entire career before becoming Speaker! He’s worked against his presidential nominee and he has lost.

He put forward a mantra instead of policies, and lost again. And yes, that’s right…as a Vice Presidential nominee of his party, he and Mitt Romney also lost.

It is time for his party, if not for the Speaker himself to recognize his limitations and decidedly poor judgement and poor prospects for finding for finding a better way.

I believe it’s time for Ryan to vacate the Speaker’s office in the interest of his party.”

It seems that most of Lou’s Twitter followers agree with him.

Wow. That escalated quickly. I’m not sure how this resolves itself, but it’s becoming clear that Ryan has been permanently damaged by his anti-Trump behavior during the campaign.

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