Whoa. American Flag BANNED at Public High School in this Deep Red State!

The American Flag is the latest target these days.

Therefore, you are going to hear more and more stories about the American Flag being targeted from NFL games to High School Football Games.  In addition, the latest target is a little High School in South Carolina called “Traveler’s Rest”. 

Travelers Rest’s principal, Lou Lavely, responded Saturday. He said the American flag has been used in the past to “taunt” Berea students, leading to confrontations.

“Student safety (and in the case of a football game, safety of all attending) is our primary concern,” Lavely said. “It is the responsibility of the school to provide the safest environment possible, and no object, sign, chants by students, etc. would be permitted if they compromise safety.”

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Beth Brotherton, assistant director of communications for Greenville County Schools, said while Travelers Rest doesn’t have a policy banning American flags for any game or event, “student safety and proper respect for the flag are evaluated as the issues arise and are addressed accordingly.”

Consequently, the administrators at Traveler’s rest high school are doing some serious verbal gymnastics to justify not allowing the American Flag to be carried out on the field.

Nevertheless, they will tell you that they love the American Flag.  This is just in response to a specific incident. They scurry like scared cockroaches when the light of truth is finally shown upon them. The ridiculous reasoning that these Marxists gave was that it might incite anger from hispanics.  The appearance of the flag is taunting them at this game. Even if there was a scenario where somebody was verbally mocking a Hispanic student while waving the American Flag, it makes no sense to justify banning it from a High School Football game. So, let me get this straight… students/fans taunting another group of students/fans should not be held accountable? Just the “tauntees”? Patriotism will one day be illegal. Any respect shown to the USA will be seen as gravely offensive. In conclusion, that’s where it’s headed.

Here’s how the left works.  Yell scream and riot and incite and threaten violence and throw a tantrum over the American Flag, long and hard enough and gutless politically correct educrats will cave into political correctness every-time.

It’s how public schools react to this kind of thing most days.  They never deal with individuals anymore; they deal with the wishes of the mob rule in front of them and they shift with the politically correct shifting wind no matter what direction it’s blowing in.  The students causing trouble need to be held to account, not the flag. The nation’s flag is completely neutral.  Also, if you can be “taunted” by the American flag, it seems there is a problem with YOU. How can Americans (of any race) be “taunted” by their own flag? In any event, the problem STUDENTS need to be banned, not the flag.

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