Who Let The Thugs Out?

I understand how a large section of U.S. Citizens feel so strongly about the outcome of the election that they wish to protest.

They are protected by the Constitution to do so.

What I can NOT understand is how breaking windows and setting things on fire can be considered anything other than plain and simple criminal acts.  I certainly hope that these THUGS realize that if the same actions had been done if the election ended differently they would have been outraged. It would have been called terrorism and the people doing the burning called bigots and every other stereotypical slur under the sun.

You want to peacefully protest- Go right ahead. You want to destroy private property- You deserve to be arrested. This is not rocket science. The fact is Donald Trump is the President- Elect and there is nothing to be done about it.

So you can sit around and whine on social media, act like a thug, OR – and here’s a genuinely novel idea – unplug, crawl out of your parent’s basement and help your community.

It’s pretty easy to do.

You want someone to listen to your opinion. Make it a valuable one. If you want people to take you seriously about how you feel the public school system is failing- Volunteer and help to make the school better. Buy $20 worth of paint and cover up the graffiti in your neighborhood. Help your elderly neighbor take in her groceries. Show up at a City Council meeting. DO SOMETHING besides being a drain on society.

Here’s a thought, maybe we should let them protest. All they do is help Donald Trump by acting like demonic criminals. Keep helping Trump by your behavior. The media is also helping Trump with this crazy behavior. Trump won’t cave to these lunatics.

Keep up the good work, marxist thugs.

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