White Liberal College Students say Requiring IDs to Vote is Racist, African-Americans Disagree

For years members of the left and the right have been arguing about the conflict between voter suppression and voter fraud. The left argues that any attempt to make voters prove who they are, when voting, is voter suppression. The right argues the converse — that not forcing voters to prove who they are, is a blatant attempt to make voter fraud easier.

Further, the left routinely uses the African-American community as a bludgeon against the right’s attempt to end voter fraud. Liberals argue that asking voters to present an ID when they vote is racist, because black voters either have a difficult time getting an ID or because black voters don’t know how to get an ID.

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Think about that argument for a second. Doesn’t it become blatantly obvious that liberals believe the black community is stupid? The liberal argument against voter IDs is in and of itself… racist. If you need more evidence, then watch this great video from Fox News’ Ami Horowitz and see how black voters in Harlem react to liberal arguments against voter IDs.


Horowitz begins by speaking with college students at UC Berkeley in California. The students there argue that voter ID laws “perpetuate racism,” and that black people are “less likely to have” ID cards. One student actually says that “these type of people” don’t have “easy access” to a local DMV office! But wait, it gets worse. Another liberal college kid actually argued that some black Americans are too dumb to figure out how to get an ID.

From the Blaze:

“Well, I feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how it works,” one students said when Horowitz mentioned that it is possible to get an ID online. “For most of the communities,” she continued, “they don’t really know what is out there just because they’re not aware or they’re not informed.”

After speaking with a bunch of these ill-informed college liberals, Horowitz traveled across the country to speak to the African-American residents of Harlem.

Why would they think we don’t have ID?” one woman asked Horowitz. Another woman was incredulous when he told her that some of the Berkeley students believe that black voters don’t have an easy way to get ID. “That’s a lie. Why would they say that?”

Continued from the Blaze:

And yet another man said: “Everybody I know have [sic] ID. Like, that’s one of the things you need to walk around New York with — an ID.”

Long story short, all of the black Harlem residents Horowitz spoke with carried an ID and thought it was bizarre someone would suggest otherwise. Two men even told the Fox personality exactly where the DMV was, should they need to renew their IDs.

“That’s just stupidity, honestly. Everybody has access to the internet, even a little kid can figure out how to work the internet,” one black young man said of the suggestion that black voters’ access to the web is limited.

Another woman said it is “a little racist” to suggest voter ID laws suppress the black vote because they don’t have access to or knowledge of ID services.

The truth is that black Americans are just as capable of getting a valid ID as white Americans. The liberal suggestion that somehow minority Americans are less capable of acquiring ID is foolish on its face, and should be utterly repugnant to every American.

Onan Coca

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