White House Won’t Explain Close Ties to Former Felon and Vote Fraudster Robert Creamer

If I were good friends with a man that sold drugs, there would be rumors spread that I was part of a bad crowd. It is not a large leap to say that we are like the people with which we associate. If you saw a man riding around with prostitutes, you would assume that he was their john or their pimp.

So the same should be considered when we talk of political associations.

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The White House does not want you to make this kind of connection with a frequent visitor to President Obama. They want to play his many appearances as being casual and nonstrategic. But this is because of the resent problems he has found himself in with the election process.

Breitbart reports

The White House won’t explain why disgraced Democratic operative Robert Creamer visited some 342 times, including 47 meetings with President Barack Obama.

I don’t know if we’ve had the time to go back and look at every individual visit,” explained Deputy White House Press Secretary Eric Schultz in response to questions from reporters about the unusually high number of White House visits. Schultz discussed the issue with reporters on Air Force One on the president’s trip to Florida.

Schultz made the excuse that the White House visitor logs “don’t always reveal real-time information” and that Creamer sometimes attended events with more than 1,000 other people.

“This idea that there were intimate meetings in the Oval Office,” Schultz said, “I don’t think is consistent with where the data is.”

So, this operative was just taking a tour; talking about sports, what? No one could be this gullible, surely. There is no way that the American people could fall for such. And if they do, it is because they are a slave and do not want to be deprived of the handouts they are receiving.

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