White House Responds to ESPN’s Vicious Trump Attack

ESPN’s latest foul has put the beleaguered network squarely in the crosshairs of the Trump administration after an out of bounds comment failed to score with America’s conservatives.

For months, the “worldwide leader in sports”, has maintained a blatantly biased, left-leaning point of view.  Not only has the network fired on-air personalities for the conservative views that they’ve demonstrated on their private Twitter accounts, but they have given an exorbitant amount of time to anti-American, cop-hating protests throughout the NFL.  If it weren’t for the left-leaning network’s incessant need to dote on the dopy Colin Kaepernick, there is little chance that the players who followed suit would have thought their protests cost effective, in terms of media coverage.

Now, however, the network has gone too far.

ESPN Correspondent Jemele Hill tweeted out the following on September 11th:

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Worse than Hill’s comments, which were despicable but still protected by the First Amendment, is ESPN’s hypocrisy in not immediately terminating the bigoted employee.  Curt Schilling, who was merely retweeting a conservative take on the transgender issues that former President Obama inexplicably promoted, was exonerated from the network and shamed mercilessly.  Hill, as of this publishing, has yet to receive punishment for her blatant racism and hatred.

Today, White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave ESPN the what-for.

A “fireable offense” indeed, given the reality that other ESPN employees have been terminated for far, far less than the egregious, race-bating, and inflammatory rhetoric of Jemele Hill.

Where the network goes from here is anyone’s guess.  A public apology is likely being drafted as we speak, and Hill could face some disciplinary consequences, but no one is holding their breath for ESPN to do the morally correct thing.

The network has simply fallen into the politi-sphere for no discernible reason other than ratings.  In the age of Trump, where the unconventional President is the focus of so much media attention, ESPN was simply losing viewers due to their non-political content.  This obvious loss of viewership effects the ratings, which effects the advertisers’ willingness to work with ESPN, which then effects the network’s bottom line.

Long story short, Jemele Hill is good for business for ESPN, even though she is using hatred and bigotry to make the network more money.

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