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White House Press Secretary puts Unruly Reporter in His Place!

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has had a turbulent relationship with the media in the press pool thus far in the Trump era, and a recent press briefing was just more of the same.

On Thursday, Spicer was in the process of calling on Bloomberg correspondent Shannon Pettypiece when the New York Times’ Glenn Thrush decided to interrupt, several times, with his own question.

Spicer finally had enough and did his best impression of an elementary school teacher while putting Thrush in his place.

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“Glenn, this isn’t a TV program. You don’t get to just yell out questions. We’re gonna raise our hands like big boys and girls because it’s not your job to just yell out questions,” Spicer said condescendingly.


We need MORE of this from the Trump White House, please!

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