Radical Left

White House Locked Down Again as Radical Left Continues Assault on US

There has been political turbulence in our nation before, but the situation that we currently find ourselves in could be unique to our lifetimes.

The election of Donald Trump as President, an unconventional choice by any stretch of the imagination, has drawn sharp rebukes from a number of sources.  The democrats were obviously upset after Hillary Clinton crashed and burned during the 2016 general election, completing her fall from grace in front of millions of Americans who believed that she would coast to victory.  Furthermore, establishment republicans found themselves in a bit of a pickle as well, with Trump doubling down on his “drain the swamp” mantra during his first few months in office.

And then there is the radical left:  A group of quasi-democrats hellbent on using Trump’s election as an excuse to create chaos within our nation.  These miscreants have been running amok in recent months, rioting over, protesting against, and attacking supporters of the President from day one of Trump’s reign.

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Today we have yet another frightening incident taking place in the nation’s capital that will likely be linked back to the heinous organization.

“A suspect is in custody after authorities say a person jumped over the concrete barrier on E Street, closing the White House south fence line.

“The Secret Service said D.C. police were en route to investigate a suspicious package but the package has since been cleared. It was unclear whether the package was related to the jumper or a different incident.”

The dual attacks on the sanctity of the White House come at a time of great political upheaval in Washington D.C., after further incriminating evidence of democratic collusion with Russia has emerged.

A newly released report concerning a 2009 nuclear deal between Russia and the United States has dragged Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation into the fracas, once again demonstrating the corrupt couple’s thirst for power and wealth.  This revelation couldn’t have come at a better time for Hillary, who conveniently “broke her toe” yesterday in the UK, causing a limited public appearance schedule to become even prohibitive to the press who will surely have questions regarding this latest development.

This jumper, and the possible suspicious package associated with it, are indications of the desperation of the radical left in recent weeks.  As Donald Trump continues to mow down misguided, Obama-era legislation, the President’s political opposition is lashing out in unprecedented ways.

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