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WHITE HOUSE LOCKDOWN: Yet Another Fence Jumper in Washington

In the age of President Donald Trump, the White House’s security protocols were sure to be tested.

It was a foregone conclusion that the controversial President would receive his fair share of unwarranted attention from the public, given his unconventional background, but the degree to which citizens have attempted to physically confront the Commander in Chief has been absurd.

Spurred on by the New Fascist movement of the left and their “black bloc” style tactics, a number of so-called “fence jumpers” have stirred White House security and Secret Service agents on a number of occasions already in Trump’s young first term.  Yet another incident occurred just hours ago, as a yet-to-be-identified intruder used a bike rack to gain access to the grounds.

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“Secret Service agents were quick to act at the White House Tuesday, after officials said a person hopped the fence via bike rack.

“The suspect is now in custody, according to the Secret Service.

“Secret Service said via Twitter that the suspect jumped the bike rack shortly before 1 p.m. along the North Fence Line of Pennsylvania Avenue and onto the White House lawn.

“The incident is reminiscent of a similar occurrence in March when a person jumped the fence and went more than 15 minutes without being apprehended by law enforcement.”

Following the embarrassing incident in March with the undetected intruder, a handful of similar incidents occurred, but we handled in a much more efficient manner.  Given the liberal angst directed toward President Trump and his conservative constituents, the Secret Service knew full well that they would have their hands full for at least the next 4 years.

Today’s miscreant mischief maker has yet to be identified, and no motive for his intrusion has be released.


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