White House Leakers Attempt to Derail NAFTA Talks with Trudeau

As part of this overt “resistance” to Donald Trump, there have been a steady stream of leaks emerging from the depths of the White House over the course of the last few years.

Those who were once trusted by the President have betrayed him openly and often, at least according to the multitude of supposedly protected material that has found its way to the surface of the DC Swamp.

This has led Trump down a path of chaos at times, with the White House staff being juggled at a rate that would make P.T. Barnum sit up and take notice from the afterlife.

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Even after all of the anarchy, and all of the dismissals and outright terminations, no one has yet gotten their finger in the Deep State dike, however, as proven by the latest riff between the US and Canada.

As efforts stalled Friday to persuade Canada to sign onto a rewrite of the North American Free Trade Agreement, President Donald Trump blasted “dishonest reporting” for complicating a potential deal after off-the-record comments he made during an interview with Bloomberg leaked into the Canadian press.

According to a published account of the president’s leaked remarks, Trump told Bloomberg News Thursday that he is not entertaining any compromises at all in discussions with Canada — but he cannot admit his posture publicly because “it’s going to be so insulting they’re not going to be able to make a deal.”

At an event on retirement security in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, the president confirmed the off-record remarks that leaked out of the Oval Office.

“I gave an interview yesterday to Bloomberg Business, and I said ‘off the record,’ and I made a statement about Canada, which is fine because I love Canada but they have taken advantage of our country for many years,” Trump explained.

“I said off the record, off the record, I said something strong, that is my belief. They violated it and they said they were violating it,” Trump continued. “When you say, ‘off the record’

This type of stunt has become so commonplace in America today that we simply aren’t registering what a treasonous act it is.

We have a person, close to the President, who is actively sabotaging trade deals by leaking pedantic, off the record comments to the press.  What’s next?  Leaking the details of ongoing military movements in the middle east?  Or how about someone leaks the President’s Twitter password?

This isn’t okay.  This isn’t acceptable.  This certainly isn’t healthy for our nation.  This is, instead, treachery of the highest order.

This leak could completely annihilate certain industries here in America that rely on exports to Canada for survival.


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