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White House Faces Same Intruder for Third Time…THIS WEEK


President Donald Trump has a way of attracting some of the most unhinged and batty bastions of the liberal left, and the Secret Service is bearing the brunt of that trouble.

After numerous security incidents unfolded at the White House in the past few weeks, many wondered if the Secret Service was having difficulty performing their duty to protect the President.  Couple that with the embarrassing slip up which saw a Secret Service laptop stolen from an unlocked Secret Service vehicle, and its easy to see how some of the President’s most trusted men and women were caught red in the face.

Now, yet another security breach has occurred on the ground of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…this time from a repeat offender.

“An alarm on the White House grounds was set off at about 2:15 a.m. Sunday morning, ‘at the southeast corner of the Treasury Building,’ WTOP reports. Secret Service was immediately on the scene, where they found a familiar face who had attempted to make her way on the grounds. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t wear the right shoes for jumping the fence, as her shoelace tripped her up, making for a rough landing on the other side.

“It’s not the first time security officials have see the fence-jumper, identified as 38-year-old Marci Anderson Wahl. Evidently, Wahl is intent on getting to the president as this is her third attempt to do so, in just a week. Two prior arrests and a ‘Stay Away’ order couldn’t keep her from attempting what she set out to do, which shows the degree to which these degenerates will go to ensure the fate that they feel Trump deserves.

“’She was arrested and charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court,’ the report noted, adding that her backpack she wore to scale the fence was also confiscated. She brought with her what she apparently felt was ‘mission critical,’ including a sleeping bag and other non-dangerous items.”

With an unconventional President comes unconventional threats, apparently.  Given the increased security risks that have been displayed in recent weeks, one can only assume that the Secret Service is stepping up their efforts in order to keep the President and his family safe.

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