White House Advisor Sebastian Gorka on Trump as “Interventionist”

Even as President Trump’s approval rating continues to rise a portion of his most rabid supporters is beginning to wonder if they were wrong about candidate Trump.

(See here and here.)

Ned Ryun, is the founder of American Majority, and he sees warning signs in Trump’s recent foreign policy forays combined with his minimizing of Steve Bannon.

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“It would be a terrible signal if Trump were to either force Bannon out or let him go because he is the face of the national populism that inspired a lot of voter to vote for Trump,” said Ned Ryun, founder of the conservative group American Majority and a longtime friend of Bannon’s.

“And what makes it even worse right now,” Ryun added, “is that people have deep concerns about liberal New York Democrats associated with Goldman Sachs coming in and making strong moves at the White House.”

But Trump confidante Sebastian Gorka wants to make it clear for everyone – President Trump is NOT changing his foreign policy philosophy.

I would like to make one thing very clear because there’s been a lot of misreporting on this. The president is not an interventionist commander-in-chief.

Nothing has changed from 7 November to today. He’s been explicit. We are not invading other people’s countries. We’re not occupying. This isn’t some neoconservative Bush-era administration.

Nevertheless, we have obligations to our friends in the region and on top of that, things like weapons of mass distraction, nuclear weapons in the hands of rogue regimes, chemical weapons, those will not be countenanced because they are a threat to Americans as well and that is why you see the leadership out of the White House you are seeing.

This will be welcome news to many of Trump’s staunchest supporters, but the White House should make no mistake… the Trump base will be watching for further signals from the administration. His populist base bought into Trump’s “American First” message and they won’t be happy for a return to the foreign policy misadventures of the last 4 Presidents.

Onan Coca

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