White Genocide Professor Defenders Say Critics Are Racists [VIDEO]

Drexel University authorities are demanding a meeting with their white genocide professor, but will he face any consequences?

The white genocide professor still has his job, but there may be consequences for his Christmas wish for race-based mass murder. According to Reuters,

Drexel University, a private school with about 26,000 students, said in a statement on Sunday that it had contacted Ciccariello-Maher to schedule a meeting about the tweets.

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Drexel said that although it recognized the right of faculty members to express their views, the comments were “utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing, and do not in any way reflect the values of the University.”

So there’s a chance that Assistant Professor of History and Politics, George Ciccariello-Maher, might face consequences. Maybe. But I’m not holding my breath. He is on the offense:

Ciccariello-Maher said in an email on Monday that the tweets were only aimed at poking fun at white supremacists and that he and Drexel had become targets of a smear campaign.

He said that the concept of “white genocide” was used by white nationalists to denounce everything from interracial relationships to policies aimed at promoting multiple cultures.

“It is a figment of the racist imagination, it should be mocked, and I’m glad to have mocked it,” Ciccariello-Maher wrote. Access to his Twitter account had been restricted on Monday.

He’s lying. His immediate “clarification” on Twitter was that the Haitian massacre of whites was a “good thing.” That mass murder spree was in no way imaginary. It took place in 1804. According to Wikipedia:

The massacre, which took place throughout Haiti, occurred from early February 1804 until 22 April 1804 and resulted in the deaths 3,000 to 5,000 men, women and children.

Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, torturing and killing entire families. Even whites who had been friendly and sympathetic to the black population were imprisoned and later killed A second wave of massacres targeted white women and children.

Furthermore, there is no massive movement of “white nationalism” outside the fevered imagination of Leftists who want to manufacture a pretense for their own incendiary rhetoric. The white genocide professor wasn’t mocking the few genuine white nationalists (who are just as but no more deserving of mockery than black nationalists). He was wishing for mass violence against whites for not being communists like himself and now justifying that wish by classifying them all as “white nationalists.”

His defenders have made that clear. Reuters reports,

He has drawn online support, with a Change.org petition backing him generating almost 3,000 signatures by Monday.

“Let Drexel know – in the midst of the deafening, organized troll-storm – that racist trolls deserve no platform in dictating academic discourse, let alone the off-duty tweets of academics,” the petition said.

Get that? People who object to a professor calling for white genocide are “racist trolls” and the entire controversy is a “deafening, racist troll-storm.” They are insisting that the pushback to an explicit and literal call for white genocide can only come from racists white nationalists.

The fact is, Academia exists in the United States to harbor, nurture, and spread this kind of hate. And the media will try to get us all to go along with the vicious double standard. Steve Bannon never called for black genocide, but the media screamed for his removal from Donald Trump’s cabinet anyway on the fictional basis that the term “alt-right” was an unambiguous synonym for white nationalism. Now a professor publicly wishes for white genocide and calling for his removal is treated as proof that one is a white nationalist.

For the dominant culture in the media and academia, treating people equally is considered white supremacist.

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