Whether or Not Christine Ford is Telling the Truth, the Media is Complicit in a Deceptive Political Ploy

By now, the scandal surrounding mystery woman Christine Blasey Ford and the man she has accused, Brett Kavanaugh, needs no introduction.

Unless you’ve spent the last week in complete and total unplugged seclusion, you already know what’s going on.

All anyone seems to be able to talk about this week is whether or not Ford is telling the truth about what she claimed Kavanaugh did to her over 35 years ago, and the impact her allegations may have on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

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Hopefully, the both of them will have their day in court–before the Senate Judiciary Committee, that is.

But when this scandal fizzles out and we’re on to the next uproar, some of the most sinister players in this scandal will stand untouched and unaffected, continuing on with their deception.

That’s right–I’m talking about the media.

Over the last two years, the media has gone from largely left-leaning and blatantly biased in their reporting to an active, hard-working extension of the Democratic party.

Senator Feinstein seems to have clearly waited until just the right strategic moment to share Ford’s story, which she’s known about for months, but that was just the spark to the bonfire that is this orchestrated character assassination against Brett Kavanaugh.

The media has expertly stoked the flames.

And the really sad thing is, even if Ford is telling the truth, the media is lying at every opportunity they get to sensationalize the story and make sure the public perception of Kavanaugh is that of a guilty man.

If the First Amendment protects free speech, why has the media fallen so far from the other constitutional values that accompany the establishment clause on our Bill of Rights? Like, oh, I don’t know, the Sixth Amendment?

If the media wants us to respect them as trusted journalists, they absolutely must raise their standards.

“If the events around Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford are any indication, the American news consumer — simply looking for facts presented in a nonpartisan manner — appears to be permanently screwed,” laments Western Journal‘s Joe Concha.

“The public is presented with information by media that invariably takes a side based on the three furthest things from the pillars of sound journalism: sensationalism, dishonesty and an ideological tilt while being hopelessly pious in the process.”

He references the media hubbub surrounding a Facebook post written by a classmate’s of Ford’s who claimed that the incident most definitely occurred because she heard about it, only to later admit she had “no idea” if it actually happened.

The media was all over her when she said she knew it had happened, but how was it not a headline-grabbing development when she admitted she had no idea?! Any decent journalist would know that that was a huge aspect of this story–yet another “witness” unable to corroborate Ford’s story.

At the end of the day, Concha says, our media can no longer be relied upon to provide substantial, trustworthy reporting…and that’s probably not going to change any time soon.

“More than a few bad apples in media have handled this story about as poorly as they could. Trust in media is already at a historic low,” he concludes.

“Putting the toothpaste back in the tube will be impossible at this point. To half the country, traditional political media is irreparable. And those people ain’t coming back even when the 45th president is no longer in office.”

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