When Ben Carson Did This Last Night, He Completely Lost My Respect

The prophesy has been fulfilled. It was confirmed last night by Donald Trump himself that former Republican candidate Ben Carson will endorse him today. And with that, the last vestige of respect I had for Ben Carson vanished into the air.

Ben Carson came on the political scene in 2013 when he delivered a powerful speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. I saw Carson as someone of integrity and courage, and I know many others did as well. When he threw his hat in the presidential ring, I was encouraged by his civility and Christian behavior.

I never believed Carson would be the Republican nominee, specifically because as a political neophyte, he lacked the polish necessary to avoid significant gaffes–and his gaffes were indeed notable.

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One of his more laughable blunders came during an interview with Bloomberg when he said a Palestinian state should be created in Egypt so there would be no “temptation for Hamas to continue firing missiles at relatively close range to Israel.” Another came when he told Chris Cuomo that prison can turn straight people gay.

Ultimately, another neophyte took command of the race, but he benefitted from a cult of personality Ben Carson could never have hoped to achieve. With his brash “anti-PC” persona, and his ability to spin a web of lies that would make even Hillary Clinton blush, Donald Trump has captured the hearts (if not the minds) of the American voter. Apparently, Trump’s charm effect has worked on Ben Carson, who’s decided to throw his weight behind the business mogul.

For a man who made faith a central part of his campaign, it’s odd that Ben Carson would touch Donald Trump with a ten-foot poll, let alone endorse the man.

I’ve done this before, but indulge me as I list the numerous things Trump has said and done that don’t quite line up with Christianity:

  • He mocked a disabled reporter in front of a crowd of thousands.
  • He routinely praises Planned Parenthood for the “positive” things they do.
  • He called John McCain a “loser” for being a Prisoner of War in Vietnam.
  • He called his sexual exploits during the 1980’s his “personal Vietnam.”
  • He curses like a sailor (see: “motherf***er,” “bomb the sh*t out of them,” etc).
  • He lied about knowing who former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is.
  • He lied about his support for the Libyan intervention.
  • He said he doesn’t like to ask God for forgiveness.
  • He couldn’t name a single bible verse.

I’ll spare you any more, as I would have jumped ship after the first one. Oh wait, I’ll give you two more, as they pertain directly to Carson. He compared Carson to a pedophile, and called the voters of Iowa “stupid” for believing the surgeon’s life story.

Trump is a man who lies like he breathes, who has lowered the level of political rhetoric to base, disgusting levels, and who has tarnished the Republican brand almost beyond repair. And this merits an endorsement?

I began to lose respect for Ben Carson when he repeatedly blamed Ted Cruz for what happened in Iowa, even though Cruz had absolutely nothing to do with it (as I detail in great depth here). It truly unnerved me to see someone for whom I once had great respect use a story like that for his political advantage. It was at that moment that I began to suspect Carson was just another egomaniac out to get his fifteen minutes.

Then, when Carson refused to drop out before Super Tuesday, despite the polls showing that he had absolutely no shot at winning a single state, my respect for him diminished further. After losing every state by massive margins, and gaining a whopping three delegates, he decided to drop out. At this point, it was clear to me that Carson had no intention of winning, that the good doctor simply wanted to act as a spoiler, or continue to boost his public profile.

Now, with the future of the nation at stake in what’s possibly the most significant election of our generation, Carson, the alleged Christian, endorses Donald “POWs are losers” Trump. To say that I’m sickened by Carson’s endorsement of Trump is an understatement that words cannot adequately describe.

The good doctor’s behavior in the political arena has shown that not one of us is above corruption.

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