What’s the Purpose?

I am a fan of the Kendrick Brothers. They are film makers from Albany, GA. You can find out more about them here: https://kendrickbrothers.com They have a movie titled “Courageous” that I believe every man who has the privilege of being called Daddy should watch.

There is one scene in particular where a “saggy pants” 17 year old boy drops by unannounced to the home of a 15 year old girl with the hopes of taking her to “get something to eat”. Now when this kid informs the girl’s father of his plans he is told in no uncertain terms that she is not allowed to date until she is older and that “Any young man interested in my daughter needs to explain to me the purpose of the relationship”.

What an awesome concept!!! I mean, think about that not just in relation to our children, but to us as well. Think about the people that you socialize with. What is the purpose of the relationship?

I have some friends that the sole purpose is to argue politics. There are a few who I discuss spiritual matters with. There are others that our only link is sports.

For every relationship there is a purpose. Yes, EVERY single one. In some cases the purpose is NOT something healthy. Those are the relationships that should be changed and if it is not possible to change them then they should be ended. There are other relationships that nourish us. Those relationships that when cultivated feed our souls. Those are the ones that you should hold onto with all of your might.

Marriage is a relationship of supreme importance. What is the purpose of marriage? That is a question that you will hardly ever get the same answer to no matter how many times you ask it. For me marriage is about companionship and having babies with a woman I would lay down my life for.  Now the fact that she prepares food with the mantra “cooking is love made visible” is a bonus. Anyone who thinks  that marriage is a prerequisite for divorce is in my opinion a sad, lost person or a scumbag attorney.

I hope you will endeavor to think about the relationships you have and ask yourself “What is the purpose?”

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