The Left is Playing Right Into the Hands of the Terrorists

Repeat a lie often enough, it will become the truth in most people’s minds. The media and Obama Administration know that routine well.

But there seems to be a corollary that is worth keeping in mind: Omit the truth often enough, and most people will come to believe it is a lie.

I believe that’s the real reasoning behind President Obama’s persistent refusal to use the phrase “Islamic terrorism” to describe even events that are flagrantly, blatantly, outrageously Islamic terrorism.

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Make a point of refusing to use the phrase whenever there’s a terrorist attack, get a few allies in the media to mention the omission and how reasonable the president is being in doing so. Repeat in several different incidents. Pretty soon, you have much of the country, and nearly all the Left, nodding in unison and repeating, “it’s reasonable not to assume terrorists are Muslim,” even when Omar Mateen, son of a Taliban-supporting talk show host, frequenter of his local mosque (which is linked now to two terrorists), consumer of jihadist literature and websites, dedicates himself to ISIS on a recorded 911 phone call, and slaughters 49 people and wounds 53 others.

First, the Orlando shooter is being called by the Administration a “homegrown terrorist,” i.e., not Muslim, nothing Islamic here. Well it’s true he was born and raised in the U.S. by his Taliban-loving parents, but that just makes him a “homegrown Islamic terrorist.”

Then comes the story that Mateen’s ex-wife said he was gay. (Actually, it was her current fiance who said she believed that.) That he frequented the bar that he shot up this week would seem to corroborate that he may have been of the homosexual persuasion.

While the whole concept that he was a self-loathing homosexual adds a pathetic note to Mateen’s story, the obvious question to ask is, why the self-loathing? Why not just be out and proud, like the Left, of which he was a member as a registered Democrat, always encourages? The obvious answer is because he was a Muslim and the son of a Taliban-loving, homosexual-hating Muslim father who belittled his manliness in front of women.

Perhaps he wanted to prove his manhood or redeem himself in the eyes of his Muslim father. But he called 911 in the middle of his murder spree and dedicated all the deaths he was causing to ISIS. Whether he had previously had contact with them or not, at the height of his most evil moment, it was ISIS he identified with, ISIS and Islam that had his heart. So all of that makes him a “homegrown, gay Islamic terrorist.”

The Left, however, will have none of it, having long ago made common cause with Islamic extremism in exchange for money, for opportunity, and for influence. And being the Left, Liberals have no problems with the hypocrisy of supporting the homosexual rights movement while importing immigrants from countries that kill homosexuals in all sorts of horrendous ways.

Hiding the Islamic connection to terrorism helps the Left to advance its anti-gun agenda.

Video commentator Alfonzo Rachel made a good point about the Orlando shooting, noting that the Left is playing right into the hands of the terrorists, because Mateen’s real assault weapon wasn’t the gun he was carrying, and the real point of the attack wasn’t to kill people.

Liberals are terrorists’ weapon of choice, and they use that weapon by activating the Left’s knee-jerk impulse to restrict Second Amendment rights. The point is to weaken the infidel America. The Left will do more to destroy America than any gun could ever do.


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