What’s driving Democrats to Boycott Trump Swearing in?

The Democrat boycott of Trump’s swearing in is a sign of the end for Democrats.

The Democrats can wail all they want about Trump not being legitimate.  The truth is the Democrat party knows he is legitimate. They must appease their kook Marxist left base. The kook Marxist left base miss their Savior Barack Obama. They want Democrats to play this out. The kook Marxist left craves chaos and civil unrest. They must act out and elected Democrats are the ones that must appease their kook Marxist base.  Democrats know that Trump is legitimate. They know Trump is not a racist but they must play the part for their violent prone kook base.

Trump responding to and counter punching Congressman John Lewis’ attacks have brought the kook left to a boil.

Trump’s tweet to John Lewis was intentional.  It keeps the media focused on this story.  It’s the story the Democrats don’t want the public to know about. They don’t want the public at large to know about their unstable lunacy. I saw something profound at the Trump cabinet nominations hearing.  These democrats asking decorated Generals about the “silliness” about climate change. The Democrats asked Trump’s nominees about climate change but they didn’t really challenge them. They asked but didn’t press the issue on climate change. It’s as if these elected Democrats were throwing their kook constituents a bone.  I bet these Democrats winced when they asked these embarrassing kook questions on climate change.  They must appease their base.

The Democrat base is for anarchy not for a peaceful transition of power.

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This is at the core of their beliefs. They want a violent over-throw of government. Look no further then Black Lives Matter riots.  Do not look any further then all the paid Soros rioters during the primary.  They crave chaos.

Their is a concerted effort for the media to craft a narrative that sticks.

The media and the Democrat party are desperately trying to form a narrative.  They want to take away any Trump mandate. It’s a propaganda effort that is not working. Trump is getting in the way of their narrative and no matter how much the media doubles down, Trump blows their narrative to smithereens.  They were expecting Trump to sit on his hands when they attacked him. Unlike George W “Karl Rove is my master” Bush he won’t allow them to define him.  Trump hits back and he hits back hard every time.

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