What’s the Difference Between a “Ransom” and Withholding Payment as “Leverage”?

This is what Democrats are masterful at (with help from their friends in the media).

This past week it became abundantly clear that the Obama administration lied to the American people about whether or not they had just paid a $400 Million bribe to the Iranian government in an effort to see several hostages released. The Obama team’s story was thoroughly refuted by one of the hostages and then by thorough reporting on the situation from conservative media outlets. However, there has not been much response on the issue from the mainstream media who don’t seem to sense any problems with the story… part of the reason lies in the Obama administration’s answer to the allegations that they paid a “ransom.”

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See, the Obama team says it wasn’t a ransom at all… it was leverage.

Here’s the back-and-forth between Fox News’ James Rosen and State Department spokesman Retired Rear Admiral John Kirby.

Rosen: Can you connect the dots for me? How does the withholding of the cash give you the kind of leverage you were seeking?

Kirby: We felt that it would be imprudent not to consider that some leverage in trying to make sure our Americans got out.

Rosen: So if it has leverage on the release of the Americans then there is a direct connection between these two events, you’re now telling us, right?

Kirby: I’m saying the events came together simultaneously. Obviously, when you’re inside that 24-hour period and you already now have concerns about the end-game in terms of getting your Americans back it would have foolish, imprudent and irresponsible for us not to try to maintain maximum leverage. So, if you’re asking me if there was a connection in that regard in the end-game, I’m not going to deny that.

After Kirby admits that the $400 Million was handed over to Iran as soon as the prisoners were released, a different White House correspondent makes everything clear.

Unidentified Reporter: Getting away from the word “leverage,” in basic English you are saying you wouldn’t give them the $400,000,000 in cash until the prisoners were released, correct?

Kirby: That’s correct.

Here’s the problem, Mr. Kirby. What you’ve just said is the very definition of ransom. ‘We won’t pay you this money until you give us those prisoners.’ You just ransomed those captives.

Okay. So they don’t understand the difference between the words ransom and leverage; no big deal, right? Actually, yes, it is a big deal. Why? Because this ticky-tack debate actually covers up two much bigger issues. First, the Obama administration paid a ransom, going against long standing precedent about not taking part in these kinds of deals so that we don’t encourage more such hostage taking. Secondly, the Obama administration and the State Department lied to us about the entire debacle and only came clean when conservatives found definitive proof of their misdeeds.

Look at the State Department statement from last week, when the government LIED to us:

“No linkage.” Except that Kirby just admitted that the two issues weren’t just linked… they hinged upon each other!

So who’s going to jail? Who’s getting fired? Who will be held accountable for lying to the American people?

If I had to guess… No One.

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