Red Carpet Celebrity Event

Top Celebrities Promote Gun Control While at This Event Protected by Gun-Toting Guards

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has courted Hollywood celebrities to join their cause for more stringent gun control laws. At the Academy Awards on Sunday, celebrities such as Patricia Arquette, Steve Carrel, and Bryan Cranston wore “gun control bracelets” to raise awareness of the alleged need for more gun laws.

Ironically, the Academy Awards ceremony over the weekend had “military state” level security to ensure the safety of all those who attended, even including those who wore the gun control bracelets. Deadline reported:

Sunday’s Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in the heart of Hollywood not only will be swarming with hundreds of law enforcement officers, but there also will be SWAT team members with bulletproof vests and tactical gear, bomb-sniffing dogs and sophisticated surveillance equipment (both overt and covert). There will be metal detectors, and every car entering into the Hollywood & Highland parking facility will be swept.

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Here’s the statement released by the Brady Campaign about their teaming up with Hollywood celebrities, as reported by People Magazine:

“This awards season, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is teaming up with Hollywood to lift up the stories of the 90 Americans killed every day by gun violence. On the red carpet, high-profile celebrities … will join the effort to shed light on the human cost of gun violence by wearing unique, hand-crafted bracelets that commemorate Americans killed or injured by gun violence.”

There’s nothing particularly special about these bracelets. They’re just bracelets “decorated in a simple black and gold design.”

The Brady Campaign’s recent focus has been in convincing Congress to pass universal background checks. However, the recent attacks that we’ve sustained in recent months were done in states that required background checks. Even if a background check prevented a dealer from being able to sell a firearm to someone, that wouldn’t stop a criminal from obtaining a gun by other means.

These celebrities must know this. This silly “raise awareness” campaign is nothing but a publicity stunt for the Brady Campaign. It further – believe it or not – legitimizes the organization by having famous people publicly endorse it, which helps to increase their funding. It’s the same type of marketing strategy where famous people are used by a company to advertise a certain product. “If Michael Jordan eats Wheaties, they must be good.”

It also serves to better the image of the willing celebrity participants. It’s similar to all the celebrities who partner with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) or who “raise awareness” of manmade global warming. Charity work, large charitable donations, benefit concerts – all these have the express purpose of giving celebrities a good image. Maybe not a good image from your perspective or mine, but good from the perspective of their fans. They’re like politicians. Or, politicians are like celebrities.

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