Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What Ocasio-Cortez Wore to Photoshoot Has Americans Dumbfounded

When it comes to the promotion of socialism, there are a few things that we should learn to recognize immediately.

First, the end of the argument for the left will always be “real socialism has never been tried”.  The only problem is that is certainly has been tried, time and again, and it has caused the deaths of millions upon millions of citizens worldwide.  The issue is not instituting socialism; that has been done a whole lot.  The issue is keeping socialism from turning corrupt, which it does every.  Single.  Time.

That’s why socialism is so deadly; by de-incentivizing the power of effort, those on top are automatically in a position to reap the benefits.  The lights have to stay on, and the food has to be grown, meaning that those jobs will be forced to occur regardless of the financial situation.  The Ivory Tower of socialism can siphon all the money they want from the top, leaving the large mass of “worker” class citizens to scrape by with whatever is left.

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Socialism is a death sentence, historically speaking.

The other thing about socialism that the idealists on the left fail to consider is that someone still has to be in charge.  This is precisely why all of these historical deaths are tied to the system:  It breeds corruption at a rate far swifter than capitalism.

Wealthy socialists are the most dangerous harbingers of this doom.  That is precisely why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is so terrifying.

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s working class credentials are under scrutiny again after she was pictured wearing a $3,500 outfit for a photo-op with construction workers.

Ocasio-Cortez wore a $1990 Gabriela Hearst blazer, $890 Gabriela Hearst pants and $625 Monolo Blahnik shoes.

The outlay on such an expensive outfit left some wondering if such wealth could have been redistributed better.


“This so pisses me off,” responded one Reddit user. “Bugs the shit out of me that she wants to raise taxes, pretending to champion the poor….in a $3k outfit.”

“I’ve never met a socialist who had the faintest idea of redistributing a penny of their own money. They’re all about taking all the time,” added another.

“As a barmaid she took all $500 of the tips after a holiday night at the bar, stiffing the waitresses with only $50,” responded another user. “She is only a socialist if she can take as much as she wants and leave the scraps for everyone else.”

If Ocasio-Cortez was truly a frugal socialist, (as opposed to an Ivory Tower socialist), she could always ask Nike to provider her with free clothes.  We hear that they are supporting unemployable public figures this year.

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