What Will Trump do About Abortion if Elected

Donald Trump has taken hits from both sides of the abortion argument lately. Since he spoke openly about the “good work” Planned Parenthood does for women neither Pro-life nor Pro-choice are praising him. He has sought to prove he is Pro-life, while not backing off of his statement.

This continued today.

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Breitbart reports

In a move seemingly aimed at easing the fears of social conservatives ahead of the important South Carolina primary, presidential hopeful Donald Trump told CBN’s David BrodyThursday that he would defund Planned Parenthood.

The only way that Trump could do this would be to have Congress work with him. This is not far-fetched as Republicans now control both houses. If things remained similar while he was president, there could actually be a possibility. But Trump went even further on abortion.

Breitbart continued

On Roe v. Wade, Trump told Brody, “It’s been very strongly decided but it can be changed. Things are put there and they’re passed but they can be unpassed with time but it’s going to take time because you have a lot of judges to go.”

“I will put people on that are going to be very very good and constitutionalists and they’re going to do a good job but it’s going to take a long time,” he said.

This seems a little unclear. Not that the other did not, but what exactly does he mean? If the ruling is wrong, then why would you have to wait for judges to overturn the ruling?

If the Supreme Court ruled that women could have their husband killed by hitmen, a president would not have to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court. They would invalidate the ruling as unlawful.

But, Trump, like all other “pro-life” presidents we have elected in the past is unwilling to do anything about the murder of the unborn. It is simply a platform and nothing more.

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