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What in The Health? Tom Price Resigns After Swampy Flight Scandal

For months, the American people have been clamoring for Washington D.C. to repeal and replace the failure that is Obamacare, but to no avail.

No less than three separate attempts to reverse the systemic collapse of the disastrous democratic decree have been thwarted by partisan hackery on the left and turncoat republicans on the right.  Most notably, the unwillingness of RINO John McCain to support the President’s agenda, which, may we remind McCain, is the will of We The People, has hampered efforts to reign in the horrendous and ironically named Affordable Care Act.

Regardless of the cacophony of voices demanding that healthcare in America be revamped, the needle in D.C. has refused to move.  Now, another hurdle emerges as Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has resigned.

“President Donald Trump accepted the resignation of Tom Price, the embattled health and human services secretary, Friday in the midst of a scandal over his use of private planes.

“Price’s departure came as he’s being investigated by the department’s inspector general for using private jets for multiple government business trips, even to fly distances often as short as from Washington to Philadelphia.
“The scandal infuriated Trump, who viewed the controversy as a needless distraction from his agenda. Over the course of the week, Trump fumed to aides about Price’s flights, which he deemed ‘stupid,’ according to multiple sources. Instead of moving past the storm, Price’s offer to reimburse the government for only a fraction of the flights’ costs enraged Trump further.
” Price and his aides have insisted that the trips he took by private charter jet had been approved through the usual legal and ethics offices at HHS. But the appearance of a millionaire Cabinet secretary flying routes easily navigated by far cheaper means proved an optics nightmare for an administration already accused of being out of touch with regular Americans.”
Price’s abuse of power was deplorable, to say the least, as American taxpayers have already been on the receiving end of a complete and utter theft on behalf of the government’s healthcare system.  This latest scandal is merely the cherry on top of the spending cake when it comes to the HHS Department.
While the nation attempts to regroup from this latest scandal, a silver lining has developed:  This is yet another example of Donald Trump sniffing around the dark corners of the Washington swamp and casting its vile creatures back into the muck from whence they came.

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