What Bruce Jenner Just Said About Hillary Clinton Will Shock You

Recently, Bruce Jenner came out and said some kind words about Republican Texas Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz. While not quite an endorsement, Jenner did say of the Senator: “I like Ted Cruz. I think he’s very conservative, and a great constitutionalist, and a very articulate man.”

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He criticized Cruz, however, saying that “he’s an evangelical Christian, and probably one of the worst ones when it comes to trans issues.”

So, if Ted Cruz is one of the worst when it comes to “trans issues,” surely a Democrat would be a better choice for Jenner, right? Apparently not. From the Daily Caller:

During the season premiere of “I Am Cait” Sunday night, Jenner was on a bus tour with a group of transgender women when he said he didn’t want to stop at the Democratic debate.

“It’s the last place I want to be,” Jenner said. “But I’m open. We need both sides and if we’re unfortunate enough TO get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side. Although she won’t be — she couldn’t care less about women.”

“She cares about herself.”

After Jenner’s friends criticized him for his conservative views, he said Republicans just had bigger things to worry about than “trans issues.”

“They’re just worried about much bigger issues than the trans issues,” Jenner added.

“We’re $18.5 trillion in debt. I think what they don’t realize is this country could collapse over this at some point and if our country collapses it doesn’t make any difference if you’re gay, trans, whatever.”

“Republicans and the conservatives are not these horrible people out there trying to oppress people. I don’t feel like they’re out to get us. Every conservative guy out there believes in everybody’s rights.”

In a bit of a head-scratcher, Jenner acknowledged that there are plenty of other issues that are more important than “trans issues,” namely the national debt and the prospect of an economic collapse. When faced with real-life national disasters, things like trans issues just don’t seem all that important.

Say what you will about Bruce Jenner, but he is right that Hillary Clinton “couldn’t care less about women” and only “cares about herself.”

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