White House Says Obama Avoids the Term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” Because of This [VIDEO]

In an interview with CNN’s “New Day” host Chris Cuomo, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that the term “radical Islamic terrorism” is nothing more than a Republican talking point. For this reason, President Obama refuses to use it.

According to Josh Earnest, it’s “outrageous” to suggest that the reason the President doesn’t use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” is that he’s afraid to identify the enemy and call it what it is. Here’s what he said, according to Real Clear Politics:

“The truth of the matter is, the individuals who spend most of their time talking about radical Islamic terrorism, are individuals like Republicans in the Senate, who would prevent those individuals from being able to buy a gun. And those are individuals who have not actually put forward their own strategy for keeping the country safe,” he said.

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“Using the term ‘radical Islamic extremism’ is not a counter-terrorism strategy, it is a political talking point. Plain and simple. And what the president of the United States has done is to put forward a comprehensive strategy to squeeze the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, to inhibit their ability to recruit individuals around the world.”

“The president has implemented a strategy that has increased the pressure on ISIL and has made the country safer. He has not relied on a political talking point as a substitute for a counterterrorism strategy. Republicans in the Senate who like to talk have that luxury… The president does not have that luxury,” he said. “The president is focused on a strategy, you have Republicans in the Senate who are focused on a talking point.”

In a sense, the term “radical Islamic terrorism” – or extremism – isn’t entirely accurate. It suggests that the terrorist attacks we see perpetrated around the world by Muslims are somehow not fundamental to the teachings of Islam found in the Koran. It suggests that these terrorists are taking something in their holy book way out of context.

In reality, they are taking the Koran at its word. They’re fundamentalists. They’re not radical. And they’re not extreme either (compared to the Koran).

It’s just that the vast majority of Muslims around the world are not taking the Koran at its word. They’d rather those violent sections not be in the Koran at all. I’m glad that most Muslims are inconsistent with their own religion.

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