West Virginia Infant Dies after Sexual Assault – Online Petition Circulates to Hang Molester

I did not want to read this much less delve deep enough to be able write about it. The title alone is horrific and mind blowing. The facts are stomach churning. But unless we see and feel the horror and tell law enforcement as well as the Supreme Court this is unacceptable, Pedophile Marriage will be the next thing we are forced to swallow as legal.


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The baby’s mother Amanda Adkins was dating this evil 32 year old man for what family members call “a short time”.  Now I am only speaking for myself but I wouldn’t trust somebody I had only been dating a short time with my car never mind with my precious, priceless child.

The depraved cretins name is Benjamin Taylor. Reports say he took the baby to the basement of an apartment where he murdered her. He was apparently there to do laundry. Instead he raped the 9 month old little girl to death. He evidently also shook her violently and hit her in the face. The baby had extensive bleeding and a body temperature of 90 degrees when authorities arrived. The mother stated she woke up early Monday morning, can we assume scumbag had slept over with her and her FOUR children, and found the baby unresponsive on her basement floor.

Taylor, who is not the baby’s father, said he “blacked out” and didn’t know how the baby’s injuries occurred.  I wonder which episode of Law&Order gave him that tidbit.

Taylor of Cottageville, WV was charged October 3, 2016 with first-degree sexual assault. Jackson County Sheriff Tony Boggs said the charges will be upgraded to murder. Boggs called the attack “the most severe” he’d ever seen.

Family members told the Charleston Gazette-Mail that doctors pronounced the infant brain-dead Tuesday, and she was taken off life support on Wednesday.

Atkins three surviving child were not physically harmed.  I can only imagine the mental damage done to these children.

I am fairly certain Amanda was horrified and may very well be kicking herself for stupidity. Is that enough do you think or should she face charges of neglect?


Now more than 36,000 people have signed a petition to publicly hang the monster who committed this heinous act and if you want to add your voice to the online outcry, sign on here…

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