Is West Virginia Going To Make Homeschooling Synonymous with “Abuse”?!


Homeschooling has long been thought of as a viable alternative for American families not comfortable with the public school environment.

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Whether parents choose homeschooling for reasons of religion, political leanings, or geography, the right of a family to choose how they will educate their children has remained unperturbed for the majority of American history.  Now, a bill in West Virginia has taken aim at the practice, opening the legal door for accusations of abuse toward those parents who are not comfortable sending their children off to a government-funded institution for indoctrination.

“West Virginia Senate Education Chair Kenneth Mann (R-Monroe, 10), has teamed up with Democratic senators Michael Romano and Ron Stollings to propose an alarming law that would effectively prohibit homeschooling and order CPS investigations if parents wanted to homeschool children who had accrued 10 absences without acceptable excuse.

“Sen. Romano was a principal opponent of the West Virginia homeschool modernization act that was signed by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin last year. Senator Jeffrey Mullins is listed as co-sponsor but has reportedly stated he would either remove his name from the bill or oppose it.

“[The Homeschooling Legal Defense Association] strongly opposes this bill and is urging our members and friends to take action to prevent this bill from moving forward in the WV legislature. The bill is unnecessary because the law already provides procedures for school authorities to intervene if there are legitimate concerns regarding the home education of a child. The bill is alarming because of the statist mindset it represents that public education is presumed to be where children belong and that parents cannot be trusted with deciding when to homeschool. The bill also imposes unconstitutional burdens on the right of parents to decide how a child is educated and would create new burdens on local and state authorities.”

The absurdity of this bill has somehow not hampered its movement thus far in legal proceedings; a terrifying proposition for the hundreds of thousands of homeschooled children in The United States.  The rights of these concerned parents could soon be trampled on in West Virginia, and should the measure pass, a disturbing precedent will have been set.

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