West Virginia College Shuts Down Young Americans for Liberty Recruitment

It is a popular misconception that the left is open to free speech and free ideas. And this is true as long as you agree with them. If you are a leftist, then, by all means, speak as loud and proud as you can. But if you are a conservative, Christian, or believe in limited government, then you have to be silenced.

This attitude was once again on display recently.

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The Washington Times reports

Employees at a public university in West Virginia told a student to stop promoting his conservative club on campus because he was being “too outgoing.”

Dustin Winsky, a senior at Fairmont State University, was recruiting students to join the school’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter on Aug. 30, when campus police approached him and told him to shut down the operation.

The authorities reportedly said his efforts to talk to students about liberty and limited government were “too outgoing.”

What they actually meant was that they thought that Winsky was doing too well. He was gaining support. People were listening and starting to understand what it was he was saying. He was winning students over. So, the same reason that the left does not want Christians to display or evangelize publicly, they wanted this young conservative silenced.

But, thankfully, this is not where the story ends.

The Times continues

Young Americans for Liberty responded to the affront by spearheading a “Fight for Free Speech” campaign, which will identify and attempt to reform universities with unconstitutional speech codes.

“I’m thrilled to see Young Americans for Liberty leading the national Fight for Free Speech campaign on campuses nationwide,” YAL Executive Director Cliff Maloney Jr. said in a statement.

“Universities should be a place for open dialogue and we will continue this battle to ensure that our First Amendment rights remain protected — not just on college campuses, but everywhere in America,” he said.

Victory here is the only option. If they can silence us, we have no chance of getting our country back on track.

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