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Weinstein’s Woes Continue as Leftist Mogul Faces Arrest in NYC

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Hollywood democrats have long been fond of lecturing the American populace on whatever their latest cause du jour is, but the days of their pompous self-worth are officially over.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Tinseltown has been under siege, and for the better.  Actors, actresses, production staff, and others have been banding together under a loose knit version of the “me too” movement to out and publicly decry the morally bankrupt sexual abusers of Hollywood.  The victims, naturally outnumbering their predators, have finally woken up their sleeping giants, and are laying waste to the overtly liberal landscape of the movie industry.

The most prominent of those being accused is Harvey Weinstein, an incredibly powerful man in Hollywood who was long considered invincible, even by those who were possibly aware of his heinous behavior.  Now, the New York Police Department believes that they have the goods to arrest Weinstein in a rape case that is well within the statute of limitations, and the boys in blue are certainly not backing down on account of the movie mogul’s once-venerable clout.

“New York police have a credible rape allegation against fallen Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and are gathering evidence for a possible arrest warrant, a senior officer confirmed Friday.

“’Boardwalk Empire’ actress Paz de la Huerta accused Weinstein of raping her twice at her New York apartment in late 2010. Her claims were published in Vanity Fair magazine on Thursday. Police said they became aware of the victim on October 25.

“’She put forth a credible and detailed narrative to us. We then sought to garner corroboration… and we found it, corroboration,’ NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told a news conference.

“’If this person was still in New York and it was recent, we would go right away and make the arrest, no doubt. But we’re talking about a seven-year-old case and we have to move forward in gathering evidence first,’ said Boyce.

“’We have an actual case here,’ he added. ‘Mr Weinstein is out of state. We would need an arrest warrant to arrest him. So right now we’re gathering our evidence. We continue to do so. Everyday.’”

The accusations against Weinstein, and the subsequent outrage, has opened the floodgates for victims of sexual abuse all across the globe, including those who were victims of shocking pedophilia by household names of the entertainment industry.

This newfound lack of fear is a shocking revelation for many of the abused, who once believed that they could never come forward due to the purported importance of those who so sickeningly preyed upon them.  With Weinstein and others finally on their way to face the music, a cultural revolution is likely on the horizon.

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