Has Weinstein Killed The Chances of The Democrats in 2018? Will Women Forget the Betrayal?

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Some time ago I wrote a commentary on the forces against President Trump; they were, Democrat’s, the mainstream media, and last was Hollywood.

The recent volcano of sexual charges against Harvey Weinstein has been breathtaking, and the next wave of Hollywood leading men is starting to come up with acknowledgement of their transgressions. Ben Affleck apologizes to Hilarie Burton; he admits that he acted inappropriately’ in a groping incident. Affleck was a protégée of Weinstein, and will other people out of fear of disclosure, volunteer their transgressions to try and get ahead of the story and plead for forgiveness.

My guess is there are non-actors in Hollywood who are trying to figure out who they have attacked. They may find themselves being accused of sexually harassing by their victims. Should they be worried their victims may be thinking about outing them? Recent stories have implicated the head of Amazon and the president of Amazon Pictures in sexual misconduct. I fully expect further revelations of misconduct. The party, which declared it was the party protecting women has shown that for money and power they would allow predators, roam Hollywood looking for women. Business Insider projected that Weinstein gave or bundled over $2.3 million to various campaigns including Clinton and Obama.

I wonder if these and more revelations to come by Weinstein and Affleck and others will have a negative impact on the 2018 mid-term election? You may recall the women’s march the day after the Trump inauguration; the protest drew a crowd of 450,000 women. I wonder what the women protesters are feeling today and will the betrayal of the Democratic Party, who didn’t protect their sisters, affect their vote next November? When they walk into the voting booth, next November will they think about the many sisters that were sexually abused or raped at the hands of Hollywood Democrats for years?

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Was the speech by Ashley Judd at the rally much different than her pronouncement about the behavior of Harvey Weinstein to the New York Times? She said at the time of the rally, “I am a nasty woman.” Was her anger more about Weinstein and the other predators in Hollywood? What about all the other women celebrities at the march that might have been attacked by Weinstein and others? Did they feel betrayed by the Democratic Party leaders? Shouldn’t they be asking at least two questions, what did their leaders know about Weinstein and many others and when did they know it? Did they trade our bodies to Weinstein and others for money, power, and the Democratic agenda?

The Democrats have a huge challenge ahead of them, for if more people become implicated in the problem, and I believe we will hear them, then the broader the trouble will be for the Democrats. Hillary took five days to respond to the actions of one of her most influential fundraisers. Hillary was appalled at the sexual harassment charges against Weinstein. Trying to turn the table she went after Trump and set a double standard her husbands offenses were in the past when talking about the charges of sexual abuse. Her statement didn’t address the rape charges reported by three women. My guess that many more women including Democrats are angry with their sisters being sold for money and power by the Democratic Party.

I do think the Democrats are feverishly looking for a Republican that they hope can stop the wildfire that is burning in the hearts of Democratic women and women in general. I don’t know if they will find one or not but watch for headlines soon.

I would like to think that Republicans would capitalize on this story and use it all the way to the mid-term election. Look for headlines; The Democrats sold your sisters, for money and power, what can you do to keep them from selling you? Vote against them. I guess that the Republicans will say and do nothing they will just let it go.

We have no idea how many were attacked and were all sexual assaults were perpetrated, but the state of California has a ten-year statute of limitations, while New York has no limit on rape crimes. If this story builds with more and more people coming out the story will stay on the front page. We love our stars, and the idea of them being sexually assaulted for money and power makes many of us angry.

The progressive movement is and will be under attack; I’m sure the mainstream media is doing everything it can to kill the story because they also are at risk. People including those in the media knew about what Weinstein was doing. It will be interesting to see if Democratic women will give their candidates a pass. You can forgive transgressions but can you let it pass if it’s been going on for 30 years?

This is not the last Democratic predator there have most likely been others but one bigger than Weinstein was former President Bill Clinton. When will this attack on women stop by the Democratic Party?

This by far the end of the story the question will be if anybody else will continue to follow the collapse of the Democratic Party?

Dan Perkins

Dan Perkins is a current events commentator who writes for several blogs including Constitution.com, thehill.com, the dailycaller.com, and thedailysurge.com among others. He is the author of the trilogy on radical Islamic terrorism against the United States called the Brotherhood of the Red Nile. Dan can be heard on W4CY radio.com on Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern.

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