Weak 13: Anti-American NFL Losing More Advertising Dollars, Fans, and Prestige Every Week

It is the NFL’s Week 13, but it is more weak, than “week,” as the league continues to crash and burn in every conceivable way. Every week the league loses more fans, more stadium attendees, more ratings, and more ad revenue, and it has seen its once high perch as “America’s game” dwindle to practically non-existence as the NFL becomes synonymous with Anti-Americanism.

Over the last four NFL weeks photos of the empty stadiums have filled Twitter showing the lack of fan participation. The fact is, even as the TV ratings plummet, stadium attendance has followed suit. And “Weak” 13 was no better than any of the previous game weeks this year.

To name just a few, The New York Jets were unable to fill MetLife Stadium:

The Miami Dolphins struggled just as badly with a sadly empty Hard Rock Stadium:

Even though the weather was almost spring-like in Chicago, Bears fans stayed home in droves:

Playing at home didn’t help the Buffalo Bills fills seats either:

And the Titans were unable to bring out the fans in Tennessee:

Most of the other NFL games showed similarly dour results for Week 13. But, the in-person attendance is no aberration. TV ratings are dismal, too. We are now half way through the season and instead of ticking upward, ratings have cratered or, at best, remained constant over previous weeks.

In fact, as Business Insider notes, TV ratings have been so bad that advertisers are demanding their money back on the million-dollar ad campaigns they paid for this year.

BI found that the NFL has lost a million and a half viewers over the numbers from the 2016 season going from 16.5 million in 2016 to only 15 million this year. But that isn’t the worst of it. Ratings are worse now than they have been in a decade. And advertisers are furious.

The firm also finds that the league’s audience is down on a year-over-year basis, and notes that it hasn’t seen meaningful growth since 2013, when the measure climbed 5%. RBC says this has had an adverse effect on how advertisers view the prospect of buying time slots during NFL games.

“The sustained decline is what worries investors about media’s willingness to offload the NFL’s monetization risk,” analyst Steven Cahall wrote in a client note.

Of course, one of the big reasons that the NFL has lost so many fans is because of the incessant anti-American protests carried on by petulant, millionaire players who think they are “oppressed” despite the fact that they make more money in a single game than all their fans do in a year… even in a dozen years, for some players.

When one thought of the NFL in decades past one thought of Apple Pie, Mom and the American flag. Now one thinks of sneering, rich punks calling fans “racists” and saying “America was never great.”

But, the NFL made a feeble attempt to put an end to the constant anti-American protests by reaching an agreement with a small group of players to spend almost $90 million on “social justice” causes as a bribe to get the players to stop their protests during the national anthem. But even that agreement is a major step backward in a myriad of ways.

First, and most shocking, the agreement came with no demands that the protests stop. Even with the $90 million wasted on faux “social justice” causes, the agreement does not contain a clause that forces the players to stop their protests. Meaning that despite the money spent, the protests will continue at least for any player that feels like he wants to continue to stick his finger in America’s collective eye.

But, worse, according to Daily Caller the league has decided that they will get this money by taking it away from their program to celebrate and aide members of the armed forces and their families as well as their once highly touted breast cancer program.

Now, one thing many of the players have claimed is that their protests are not against our soldiers — you know, even though these players are spitting on the flag our soldiers fight for. Well, it’s going to be a bit hard to continue making that claim when the protests just took away the millions the league was spending for wounded warriors and military families only to throw it away on fake “causes” for so-called “social justice.”

Looks to me like the league has now joined the players in dissing our soldiers.

Doesn’t it?

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