We are Deplorable and We Vote

Deplorable Crickets . . .

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I am female. I vote. I research and value my opinions. I am not a deplorable. I am not a cricket.

Once the choices for President were narrowed down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I became very concerned. For one, Hillary was not the woman I wanted in the White House. In fact, the only house she deserved was the jail house. So, I was left with one choice – Donald J. Trump! At the time, my oldest son was a senior in high school and had completely jumped on board the Trump train. Being outspoken and interested in politics as well, he gave me some different insight to Trump and his candidacy.

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Fast forward to election night; after staying up all night texting back and forth with my son, who is attending college in Montana, he was convinced his man was going to win. I could not believe I was watching Hillary’s defeat. One, I felt she got what she deserved! I will never forget Benghazi! Needless to say, I was elated because I felt at this point Trump was our best option. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like all of Trump’s actions and really think he could use a filter, at times. However, he was a man with a plan! To many it may not be the best plan but he was the change it seemed many Americans longed for. Trump was ready to take America by the horns and get us back on track. While not having any political background per say, Trump is just a businessman that has risen and fallen on several occasions. Are success and failures not part of the American Dream?   The last text from my son on November 8, 2016, “It’s in the bag, Mom! We won!” Wow, now all I can is pray Trump will work to make America great again and restore God into our nation, because we desperately need Him!

I realized the media would never accept Trump’s victory but I did not expect its “all out” effort to continue dividing the people of America; nor did I expect the world of social media to play Kum-By-Yah around our newly elected leader. I had already been labeled as a deplorable for even considering Trump. Just prior to the inauguration I was lambasted by “friends.” Then I quickly became labeled a cricket, especially after Trump’s nomination for Secretary of Education, because I did not support his choice in DeVos. Finally the last straw came yesterday; I was lumped into the racist category. Unbelievable! Now all I can do is pray for my country, and pray hard!

My final thoughts: I did not agree with everything Obama did during his two-term presidency; I did not disagree with everything either.   Russia did not influence my vote. Please understand I do not like all of Trump’s choices and actions. However, I disliked Hillary Clinton even more! She was not my choice, not my woman, my nothing!   My vote for Trump does not make me a deplorable or a cricket. I am an American which, the last time I checked, provides me the inalienable right to vote for whom I consider the best candidate for the President of the United States of America! Let’s pray that never changes!

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