Exit Polls in West Virginia Are a Warning to Paul Ryan Against Trying To Stop Trump

Exit polls show how West Virginia voters feel and it should tell the Republican establishment to stop obstructing Donald Trump.

According to polls, in West Virginia voters feel betrayed.

West Virginia has a strong history of voting Democrat, but there is reason to believe that might change as residents feel betrayed by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


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But what about Republican voters?

According to the Washington Times,

GOP voters handed Donald Trump another win in the West Virginia primary, and many said Republican in Washington have abandoned them.

Exit polls showed that half of GOP primary voters in West Virginia said they “feel betrayed by Republican politicians” compared to 47 percent who said they do not.

Mr. Trump is pushing to unite the party following a bruising Republican presidential race and is scheduled to travel to Capitol Hill Thursday to meet with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who scored headlines last week when he said that he was not ready to support Mr. Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

The fact that voters feel betrayed by the Republican establishment means that Paul Ryan’s ridiculous behavior can only make Trump more popular and his supporters more loyal. If Republicans already feel betrayed by the establishment, seeing the establishment try to sabotage Trump’s campaign is only going to intensify those feelings.

Are West Virginia Republican voters unique? I doubt it. I think the record turnout that Trump has produced demonstrates that probably voters feel the same way in every state.

And it means that Trump might very well win. It is likely that this same feeling meant that many of these voters often didn’t bother to vote. They couldn’t get enthusiastic. That has changed. As economist Mike Shedlock writes,

Unlike Ted Cruz, Trump has a very good shot of picking up crossover Democratic votes.

As I stated last year, there are a lot of angry white voters who blame China, Vietnam, and India for stealing US Jobs.

I strongly disagree with Trump’s protectionist policies. But my vote is meaningless.

Trump has a strong chance of winning Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Florida, and Michigan.

Ted Cruz cannot say the same thing.

Trump can also pick up Libertarians tired or war.

Millennials? They liked Bernie Sanders and many of them will sit this out.


Trump has “Make America Great Again”

What does Hillary have? “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman. Let’s bomb Libya”.

It matters not whether Trump can live up to the message. What matters now is whether or not people like the message.

This is about attitudes.

Ryan and others are only exacerbating the feeling that allowed Trump to become the last Republican candidate standing.

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