Trump Supporters: Chalk Away!

Chalk it up to Donald Trump. He knows how to stir up the liberals at colleges across the land.

The latest Trump stunt has seen his supporters, usually armed with chalk, writing pro-Trump messages on sidewalks and walls at college “campi” (as El Rushbo would say) and causing howls of protest from liberals who are positively quaking in their safe spaces while crying “racism.”

The most popular slogan among Trump supporters, and the one that seems to generate the highest overreaction quotient, is “Build the Wall,” referring to Trump’s proposal to put up a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

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Liberal administrators at Ohio University shut down Greek Week events after some fraternity and sorority members ditched the chalk and painted “Build the Wall” on a wall that is actually designated by the university for graffiti.

The Hispanic and Latino Student Union apparently felt the need for an emergency meeting after the graffiti appeared, and the university sent a letter to its fraternities and sororities stating that “this phrase is offensive and hurtful to many individuals as it is directly tied to the Hispanic/Latino/a community, makes them feel marginalized, and the message was interpreted that they do not belong at Ohio University.”

The point that The Donald’s wall is proposed as a way to stop illegal immigration, not legal immigrants, somehow got left out. The letter stated that the students involved won’t face punishment because they have a right to free speech in an area allegedly dedicated to it. Nonetheless, someone decided to cancel philanthropic events in retaliation.

And liberals like to say conservatives can’t handle nuance.

Meanwhile at UC San Diego, a Trump-related kerfuffle was stirred up by a chalking of the campus with “Build the Wall” slogans, some of which appeared with other messages such as “deport them all” and “Mexico will pay” near the campus’s La Raza center.

The chalking occurred right before the university’s annual Triton Day, during which new students and their families are welcomed to campus.

The incident led to calls from school officials for sanctions, and complaints from the campus Democrats club and other student groups.

Latin American history grad student Kevin Antonio Aguilar wrote on Facebook, “We in the Latin American community on campus demand that the individuals responsible for this racist attack face the proper repercussions for these actions.”

Funny how liberals don’t seem to realize that “Mexican” is not a race but a nationality. They do that a lot with Islam, too, which of course is a religion, not a race.

Nuance, nuance. …

Aguilar also alleged that the chalk graffiti was part of “a continuing hostility towards communities of color on campus,” even though the UCSD student body is about as diverse as they come. It’s also a campus where [score]Bernie Sanders[/score] supporters frequently are seen manning booths, passing out literature and displaying “Vote Bernie” posters, all without anyone curling into a sobbing fetal ball.

Frankly, today’s college students could use a good cage rattling. There seems to be an entire generation of children in adult bodies who have been raised as special snowflakes in their safe-space bubbles, and they need to learn what real diversity is.

Administrators and teachers need to be reminded that there is such a thing as free speech and that college is supposed to be a place where students are exposed to the entire universe of ideas, not pandered to as they shelter inside their own little cocoons.

So to Trump supporters I say, chalk away.

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