Watchdog Files Ethics Complaint Against Democrat Leader

Earlier today, the fantastic folks at Freedom Watch and their leader, Larry Klayman, announced that they were filing an ethics complaint against Democrat leader and Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Schiff is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee and he has been one of the loudest congressional voices implying that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. You might remember, a couple of weeks ago, when Schiff told the media that the FBI had “proof” of Trump-Russia crimes? Schiff quickly backtracked and said that he hadn’t seen any such evidence, but that he believed it existed. In the real world we call that kind of thing a “smear tactic.” You do something like that when you want to ruin someone else’s reputation but you don’t want to get sued for slander or libel. Well, the media might have given Schiff a pass for his sinful politicization of an investigation that he’s supposed to be running in a nonpartisan manner (to get justice and all) but Freedom Watch will try to hold him accountable.

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Here’s the letter that Freedom Watch sent to Rep. Susan Brooks, the chairwoman of the Ethics Committee.

Klayman called Schiff a “hack” who cares more about power and party than he does the safety and security of his country.

He said much the same thing on Newsmax TV:

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