WATCH! Why A Woman Is Voting Trump

Former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth is voting Trump on the issues, but CNBC wants to change the subject.

See how the men on CNBC want to talk character and sexual morality while a woman tries to give policy reasons for voting Trump.

She barely got out her case amid the interrupting men, but she did mention briefly the issues involved in voting Trump: “tax reform, tax relief, regulatory reform.”

Even if Donald Trump is as vile as the recording made in 2005 (when he was a committed progressive), the issues surrounding taxes and regulations are going to have far more impact on women across the nation.

Are women (and men) supposed to decide who to vote for on the basis of whose personal behavior they can approve of more, or on the basis of what they will do as President?

Make no mistake: character matters. The more ethical a candidate is the more we can trust him.

But that is not the only consideration.

First off, the primary is over. I wasn’t a Trump supporter during the primary. He won anyway. He won with record-breaking numbers. There’s no going back in time.

Second, he is still, from all we know, a morally superior candidate to Hillary Clinton who has abused and intimidated her husband’s accusers for years.

Third, the media has been covering for the Clintons for years. It is likely that they are actually worse than we know. Meanwhile, they are dedicated to destroying Trump.

Additionally, Donald Trump promises conservative Supreme Court justices, the defense of religious freedom, and to work against abortion. You may have doubts if he will keep those promises, but he knows he’ll have to keep them to continue to have Evangelical support. There’s good reason to hope for the best at least during his first term. Meanwhile, we know Hillary Clinton is fully committed to going the opposite direction on all those issues. The First and Second Amendment will be a dead letter once Hillary gets done transforming the Supreme Court.

There are many good reasons for voting Trump, no matter what your chromosomes are.

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