WATCH: Unhinged CNN Analyst Yells, Curses At Republican Strategist

The media have been falling all over themselves to portray Trump’s revocation of Obama official’s security clearances as some kind of great scandal, as if these officials had some sort of right to maintain their security clearance once they returned to the private sector.

What do they think, John Brennan would otherwise be holed up in his progressive Bat Cave, searching for clues that would finally take down the President otherwise?


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They probably do.

At any rate, they’re pretty attached to this narrative, and they will not hear Brennan’s integrity questioned, so help them!

A CNN analyst recently lost his mind at the suggestion from conservative strategist Paris Dennard that former government officials were eager to maintain their security clearances because they could be profitable in the private sector.

Counterterrorism expert Phil Mudd, who is apparently not getting in on this, became incredible triggered, as reported by the Daily Wire:

“A lot of these people that have these security clearances — and this is the secret in the swampy Washington, D.C. — they have them and they keep them because it’s profitable for them after they leave government,” Paris Dennard said. “Because if you have a security clearance, especially a high-level security clearance, your contracts and consulting gigs pay you a lot more money because of the access that you have.”

“Profitable, Paris?” Mudd began.

“When I’m required to sit on an advisory board, let me ask you one question, how much do you think I’m paid to do that at the request of U.S. government?” Mudd screamed. “Give me one answer, and you’ve got ten seconds. I have no contracts with the U.S. government. They pay me zero.”

“I’ll ask you a question,” Dennard fired back. “How much are you paid for your contracting gig?”

“I have no contracts with the U.S. government that pay money,” Mudd exploded. “Zero.”

After continuing to go back and forth, Mudd lost it, screaming “get out!” at Dennard.

“Twenty-five years in the service and this is the sh*t I get!” Mudd exclaimed.

“Get out!” Mudd repeated.

Woah there, buddy.

Just because you’re not getting paid, doesn’t mean anyone else is!

Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that the Obama administration was fraught with corruption and Trump has every right to revoke the security clearances of any official he wishes, especially considering the kind of dirt that is regularly coming up on the way they behaved when in office.

Unhinged or not, the left is running out of ways to defend them.


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