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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Tackles The Occult with Bizarre Anti-Trump Guest

There have been a number of truly bizarre ways in which the radical left has attempted to attack President Trump, but none quite as strange as how one of Tucker Carlson’s recent guests has shown her misguided anger.

The idea of a “resistance” to the President has been floating around the left side of American politics from the moment, 10 days after Halloween 2016, in which Donald Trump seized the election from the clutches of the corrupt Hillary Clinton.  Many opponents of the former First Lady surely made a number of jokes about Clinton mounting up her broom and riding off into the sunset like some sort of witchy whistle-stopper.

It seems that one of Clinton’s coven-dwelling colluders has taken her love for the democratic diva to the occult extreme, however, as evidenced by her recent appearance on Fox News.

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Not only does the delusional guest, Amanda Yates Garcia, use the magic word “resist” during her appearance on Tucker Carlson tonight, but she has the audacity to compare the use of occult symbolism to the singing of the National Anthem and saluting the flag.

Certainly, this has to be one of the more bizarre interviews with anti-Trump forces in recent memory, and that is certainly saying something.  The left has gone to extremes in order to delegitimize the President, and to impune his character, but none have invoked the dark arts in the way that Garcia has, leading many to believe that the “resistance” has turned a corner from relevancy to pure mania.

Furthermore, Garcia and her group of supposed “witches” have been actively seeking the attention of the national media in order to promote their absurd activities, as evidenced by this particular spellbinder’s appearance on Fox News.

As for any otherworldly connection between Garcia and the wicked witch of Chappaqua?  So far there is only their incessant hunger for attention to connect the two.

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